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5 Tips To Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Getting Ready Portraits: Wedding Wednesday

Get The Most Out Of Your Getting Ready Portraits Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography Indianapolis Lafayette

The getting ready portion of your wedding day is a fun and exciting time! You are surrounded by your best friends and are busy getting ready for your big day! Getting ready portraits offer a unique perspective into this time. It's also a great time to get some unique photos of your dress, shoes, cufflinks, invitations, etc. These photos help tell the story of your unique wedding day. Keep reading for a few tips that will help you get the most out of your getting ready portraits.

Photographer Arrival

While you will want your photographer to be there for your getting ready time, you won't need them there for the whole time. Most gals won't want to be photographed without their hair and makeup done and most guys don't take too long to get ready. I recommend having your photographer arrive during the tail end of your makeup and once the guys have started getting dressed. You don't really need more than an hour for this time and this will allow your photographer to capture some great candids, getting ready shots, and detail photos.

Consider The Light

Natural light is always the best light so if your getting ready location has an area with lots of windows, plan to get ready in that spot. If you don't have natural light at your location, no worries, your photographer will make everything look great and may pull you out to some natural light for a few photos too!

Corral The Clutter

Everyone will be getting ready in one spot so clutter is going to happen! However, you won't want water bottles, bags, shoes, etc in the background of all of your getting ready photos. Try to keep all of the bags and clutter confined to one corner of the room (away from the natural light windows).

Gather Your Details

Before your photographer arrives, have all of your details in one spot ready for them. Things like your shoes, dress, cufflinks, rings, etc. This way when your photographer arrives, they will have everything they need in one spot and you won't have to stop and gather everything for them.

Your Attendants Should Be Dressed Before You

When it's time for you to get dressed, your attendants should already be dressed. This way, when you need help zipping up your dress, adjusting your tie, etc the person helping you will already be ready. This helps your images look put together and cohesive.


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