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Blanton House Danville Indiana Wedding: Ashley & Samanthia

Blanton House Danville Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography Indianapolis Lafayette Same Sex

Ashley and Samanthia are married! You will probably remember these two from their France Park engagement in Logansport, Indiana. (You can view that HERE.) Ashley and Samanthia first met in 2015 at a job they both worked. They both started working there within a week of each other. They both noticed each other and thought they were cute. It took about two months for them to start dating but once they did, they knew they were going to be together forever! Ashley proposed to Samanthia in 2017. Ashley was super nervous about the proposal and looking back she doesn't know why because she knew Samanthia would say yes. The thought of doing a big proposal out in public made Ashley nervous so she opted for a sweet at home proposal instead.