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What Are Approved Vendor Lists: Wedding Wednesday

What Are Approved Vendor Lists Indiana Wedding Photographer

When you booked your wedding venue, you may have received a vendor list from your venue. You may be wondering what exactly that list is and if you have to use the vendors that are on that list. We are going to be talking all about vendor lists for today's Wedding Wednesday blog post!

What are approved vendor lists?

First let's start out with what a vendor list is. Approved vendor lists are (usually) lists of vendors that a venue has worked with before and who they recommend for their couples to use for their wedding. Other vendors may also give you a vendor list too. These are vendors that are (usually) vetted by the venue/vendor and who they think will provide you with an excellent experience. One thing to note with vendor lists, some venues/vendors will charge other vendors fees to be on this list but this practice is frowned upon. The list should be made up of vendors who will provide couples with an excellent experience vs who has shelled out the most money. Don't be afraid to ask if vendors were charged a fee to be a part of this list.

Do you have to hire vendors on the list?

The answer here varies per venue and vendor. Usually the vendor lists are just suggestions and a starting place for you to start your vendor search. Most places will not require you to use the vendors who are a part of the list. Usually, the only exception to that rule is with caterers and bar services. Some venues will only work with certain caterers/bar services who they know are vetted by the state and have the proper licenses and because they know the ins and outs of the venue's kitchen space.

Are there benefits to the vendors on the list?

One of the biggest benefits of the vendor list is that you do not have to search on Google for different vendors. You can contact the vendors on the list to learn more about their services and see their availability. Vendor lists can save the hassle of having to go through multiple vendors online. The vendors on vendor lists have, more than likely, already worked at a specific venue so they will be familiar with the venue and staff.

Are there drawbacks to hiring vendors on the list?

Vendor lists only include a handful of vendors and there could be some great vendors who are not included on that list! Don't be afraid to do your own research to find vendors that will be great for you! Maybe the vendors on the list do not offer the style or service that you have been wanting so don't feel like you have to choose the vendors that are on the list. Another drawback is if the vendor list is a list that vendors have to pay to be on. It could be that vendors who are on the list are just ones that paid and they may not be a vendor who will provide you with the best experience.

What about if one of your favorite vendors aren't on the list?

Don't fret! Just because a vendor who you love and want to use isn't on the approved vendor list does not mean that they are a bad vendor! Vendor lists only include a handful of vendors and maybe the vendor who you are looking at has not worked at that specific venue as much as the other vendors. As long as your vendor has great reviews and you feel comfortable around them, then they will be a great vendor for your wedding day!


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