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4 Reasons Why You Should Do A First Look: Wedding Wednesday

4 Reasons Why You Should Do A First Look Indiana Destination Wedding Photographer

I always recommend doing a first look on your wedding day! It not only makes the wedding day go a little smoother but it's also just so great to see each other before the ceremony. Devin and I had a first look on our wedding day and it was the best decision! We were able to get all of our portraits done before the ceremony and really got to enjoy the reception and visit with our guests. It was also so great to see Devin beforehand! We really go to enjoy seeing each other for the first time and got to be excited for the wedding together. We also still had so many emotions when it was time to walk down the aisle so the first look didn't even diminish that for us. Below are just 4 reasons why a first look is worth it!

More Portraits

When you have a first look you are able to move into your couple portraits and wedding party portraits before the ceremony. Since all of this happens before your ceremony, you are able to take your time and get all the portraits that you are wanting. You can also go to a different portrait location as well. This allows you to get more portraits than if you were to do your couple portraits after the ceremony since there is less time.

Enjoy Your Moment Seeing Each Other

When you see each other while walking down the aisle, it's fast and nerve-racking. Everyone is looking at you and then as soon as you see each other you can't embrace and just move straight into the ceremony. When you do a first look, you get to really look at each other and your wedding attire and get to bask in your love. You can hug, laugh, kiss, cry, whatever! You have this luxury to experience it all!

Your Only Time Alone On The Wedding Day

You may be thinking I'm crazy when I say this but it's so true! You wedding day will be filled with you and your future spouse together but you will also be surrounded by your wedding party and all your guests! Doing a first look is the ONLY time you will be alone on your wedding day! You are able to have a little private moment alone together and that's really special!

Helps Calm Your Nerves

A first look can also calm your nerves. You get to hang out and have fun with your best friend before the wedding ceremony and that's the best! It helps you be even more excited to get married and when you walk down the aisle, you may be a bit nervous but since you were able to see your fiancé before the wedding you are more excited that nervous!



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