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4 Things To Consider For Your Ceremony: Wedding Wednesday

4 Things To Consider For Your Ceremony Indiana Destination Wedding Photographer

There are so many things that have to be done and taken into consideration for your wedding and one of the main events is your ceremony! The ceremony is the whole reason for your wedding, to actually become a married couple, so it is certainly VERY important! Below are 4 things that you will want to consider for your ceremony that you may not think of!


This is one thing that you probably won't even think about when it comes to your ceremony! However, it's super important for your ceremony photography! You will want to make sure your ceremony location has good lighting. If you are having an indoor location, you will want to make sure that the lights are illuminating both you and your fiancé and your wedding party evenly. The same thing goes for an outdoor location, you will want to make sure you are all in the shade equally. Your photographer can only do so much if one of you is in the light and one of you is shaded and it won't make your images look their best. Another thing to consider when it comes to the lighting is when sunrise and sunset happens. You will want to make sure that when your ceremony ends that there will still be light outside for your portraits.

Order Of Service

There are so many different things that you can do for your ceremony! The options range from a basic ceremony to limitless options. You get to design the ceremony that is perfect for you and your fiancé! Really think about what you want for your wedding and design the perfect order of services for you. The only thing with this, is make sure you let your photographer know your plans! If you are doing something a little different or unique then you will want to inform your photographer so they will be able to capture it perfectly!

Programs and Ceremony Details

When it comes to your ceremony decorations you will want to set these up in advance! If you aren't able to set up the decorations the day beforehand, then appoint a friend or family member who can set them up for you. The last thing you will want to do is run around the day of your wedding trying to get everything set up. When it comes to your programs, you don't need to buy one program for everyone who will be attending the wedding. Most couples do this and then end up with sooooo many leftovers. Most couples will just take one and share and if there are any children present they won't need a program. Keep this in mind when you order your programs. Although you will want a few leftover to save, you won't want a box of 100 left!


If you aren't hiring a wedding planner, I always recommend hiring a day of coordination person! A day of coordination person makes sure that everything runs smoothly and that all of your special events happen! Your photographer and DJ will try to keep everything on schedule as much as possible but a coordinator gets to make sure everyone is on schedule and that everyone's questions are answered. This really lets you and your fiancé and your friends and family relax and have a great time!



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