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5 Must Have Info For Your Wedding Website: Wedding Wednesday

5 Must Have Information For Your Wedding Website Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography

Your wedding website is the perfect place to make sure your guests have the information that they need at their fingertips. Your wedding website can be simple with just the must have info or it can be more elaborate and tell your love story and all the details for your wedding day. Regardless of if you want a simple design or something more elaborate, there are five key details that you must include on your wedding website so your guests will be informed and have the information they need.

Wedding Event Locations With Addresses

You will want to list out all of the important locations for your wedding. Your ceremony location, reception location, and anywhere your guests may need to go. Be sure to include the address as well so your guests won't have to try to find the address or rely on Google which may not have an accurate location. If your wedding venue doesn't always show up on correct location on Google Maps or a GPS, let your guests know this as well so they won't have to worry about getting lost.

Leave off invite only events from your wedding website, like a rehearsal dinner, bach party, wedding shower, etc if all of your wedding guests aren't invited. Save those to be included in the personal invites. This will make sure the people you want to attend those special events will be invited and won't leave your guests guessing if they should attend those events or not, and will make sure you don't have unexpected guests show up.

Important Times

You don't have to list out your whole wedding timeline from start to finish (unless you'd like to) but you do want to make sure you have all important times listed for your wedding events. You will want to list your ceremony start time, time guests should arrive, and when the doors will close. This will make sure your guests are armed with the knowledge they need to make sure they are there on time. If you have a break between your ceremony and reception or if your guests will need to travel from one location to the next, you will also want to list your cocktail hour start and end times and when your reception will start.

Attire Guidelines

Your wedding website is the perfect place for you list the type of attire that your guests should wear. You won't want your guests to be left guessing what they should wear and you won't want them to shop up under or over dressed. Let them know if it will be black tie, cocktail attire, casual attire, etc.

Lodging and Transportation Information

Are you planning on having a room block for out of town guests? What about a shuttle that will help your guests get to the venue and back home safely? These are all things that you should have on your wedding website so your guests will know exactly where to go and can plan their trip accordingly. If you have a lot of out of state guests, including information about the local airport and some directions to your hotel room block and venue.

Registry Info

Your wedding website is the perfect place to list your registry information! Your guests will be able to click a link, view your registry, and send you a gift. This makes everything easy on your guests and provides them with an easy, stress free, experience of seeing what you want and need.



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