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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Blogging: For Photographers

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Blogging For Photographers

As a photographer, blogging can be so beneficial for your business! This blog will talk about just 5 reasons why you really should be blogging.

1. Helps Increase Your SEO

I made this the first point because I know it will make you want to start blogging if you aren't already! Blogging can really help increase your SEO! By blogging each session as well as other blogs it helps you show up in Google searches when people are looking for photographers who have photographed at a certain location or who are searching for tips on photography. Also, if your blog is connected to your website then every time you blog it makes Google think that you've updated your website with more relevant information and Google will reward you for that which helps increase your SEO as well.

2. Makes Your Clients Feel Loved

Your clients love your work and you and will more than likely frequent your website and social media before their session. They want to see even more of your work and keep up with what you are doing. After their session, your clients will still visit your website, blog, and social media. When they see that you shared their session on your blog, this just makes them feel more loved! They love that you featured their session and are excited to see it on your blog for other clients to gather information from.

3. Lets Your Future Clients See More Images

Your website only showcases a few images. Your social media pages will show more images but not always of the same session or location. By blogging all of your sessions you are able to showcase more of your work for future clients. Future clients can peruse your blog to see more images of your work and are able to get a better sense of your photography style and how you work.

4. You Can Provide Your Clients With More Information

Your blog doesn't always have to just feature your sessions and your work. You can also use your blog to help educate your clients. You can have blog posts that answer some of the top questions that you get, show outfit inspiration, and just provide some tips for your clients.

5. Helps Increase Your Credibility

Blogging helps increase your credibility. People who land on your website will naturally visit your blog if you have one. When they visit your blog and see that you are constantly blogging and updating it helps make you seems more credible. They don't want to hire a photographer who hasn't photographed a session in 6 months to a year and they want a photographer who is booking and who knows what they are doing. Your blog helps with that!

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