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I'm Jasmine and I'm a wedding photographer based in Indiana but I serve clients worldwide!

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5 SEO Tips For Your Blog: For Photographers

5 SEO Tips For Your Photography Blog

If you have a blog for your photography business then you will want to make sure that you are using SEO correctly so your blogs will show up in search engines. SEO can be tricky but below are 5 simple tips that you can implement to help your blog posts rank higher!

1. Include Relevant Keywords In Your Blog Post Copy

You won't want to keyword stuff and throw in a ton of keywords into your blog post that don't really relate to your post, however, you will certainly want to include keywords into your blog post copy that do relate to your post. This will help your blog post pop up in search results when people are searching for certain keywords. Identify the top keywords that people would use to search for your photography business or that apply to what you are talking about in your blog post and try to work them in naturally to your blog copy.

2. Use Alt Text On Your Images

Search engines can't read images so the image alt text becomes very important. This tells the search engines exactly what the image is and will help them categorize the image in their image searches. Alt text will also help clients who land on your blog post identify what the image is supposed to be in the event that an image does not load correctly.

3. Make Sure You Include The Location

If your blog post is relevant to a specific geographical area or if you primarily work in a certain geographical area then you will want to make sure you are mentioning the location in your blog post in one way or another. Search engines can read location and this helps your blog post pop up when people are searching for different locations.

4. Link Vendors and The Location

Always link any vendors that were a part of the session as well as the location for the session. Search engines will reward websites that link to creditable sources. Plus, when a vendor or location notices that you are linking their website, they may share your blog post or link back to you which also helps your SEO and blog post reach!

5. Always Include At Least One Image

Blog posts with images perform better and rank higher than blog posts without images. Make sure you are including at least one image in every blog post.

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