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5 Tips For Kissing In Photos: Wedding Wednesday

5 Tips For Kissing In Photos Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography Lafayette Indianapolis Engagement

Your engagement and wedding photos will showcase your love so beautifully and will be filled with love, emotion, and joy! One thing your photographer will ask you to do is to kiss in a few photos. Either on the lips, on the temples, on the cheek to help bring out the romance and showcase your love. Kissing for photos and in front of your photographer can feel a bit awkward and some couples just don't know how to kiss for photos. Just relax and do what comes naturally but here are five tips to help perfect the photo kiss!

1. Close Your Eyes Softly

When you kiss, make sure your eyes are closed. Even if you keep your eyes open when you kiss naturally, you will want to close your eyes for photo because open eyes in kissing photos can look a bit odd. Don't shut your eyes super tight, but just softly close them.

2. Don't Smoosh Your Faces Or Nose

When you kiss, make sure you kiss lightly. No one wan't smooshed noses or faces in their photos.

3. Make Sure Your Lips Touch And Lightly Press

It can be a bit odd kissing in front of a photographer and having your kiss captured on camera but you will want to make sure your lips actually touch and are pressed together lightly. Sometimes couples feel a bit awkward and barely have their lips touching which can look a bit odd in photos.

4. Hold Your Kiss

Don't just do a quick peck, kiss softly and hold your kiss! Your photographer will be getting a few different angles and if you just just do a quick peck, they won't be able to capture all that they need.

5. Don't Feel Pressured To Kiss

If you don't want to kiss on camera, don't be afraid to let your photographer know! Kissing photos can be gorgeous and an excellent addition to your engagement and wedding photos but if that's not your vibe, then no worries! I've had couples who don't want to show that in their photos and their images still turn out gorgeous and romantic. Be sure to be upfront with your photographer about what you want.



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