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5 Wedding Hashtag Sign Ideas You Can Use At Your Wedding: Wedding Wednesday

In the past several years, wedding hashtags have been an exciting and glamorous addition to weddings. What better way to generate hype, get people to share their favorite memories, and get a laugh or two out of them with clever wordplay? Once you’ve come up with the perfect wedding hashtag that could be a brilliant pun, a memory, an inside joke, or anything you like, you need to display it with a great sign that operates as a focal point for guests to gather in the event.

Why Use A Wedding Hashtag Sign

Wedding hashtag signs are a beautiful invention that allows guests to be more involved in the festivities, have fun, share their experiences and stories, and fully partake in the couple’s joy. Not to mention they’re a great conversation starter and ice breaker! A wedding hashtag can be used months before the actual wedding for the bride, the groom, and bridesmaids and groomsmen to share their journey and at pre-wedding celebrations such as the rehearsal dinner or the bridal shower. The wedding hashtag has its real showstopper moment at the ceremony and the wedding reception with some fantastic and creative signage.

There are many benefits to including wedding hashtag signs on your big day!

- A hashtag sign can be a décor masterpiece such as a ceremony backdrop, a reception showpiece, or even the

centerpiece for the couple’s reception table. Depending on your theme, it can be done in various styles and

varieties, from wooden signs to neon to rose gold metallic signage.

- A wedding hashtag sign can encourage guests from both sides to socialize, share what they love about the couple, and take pictures together, knowing they’re all going to be shared under the same hashtag on social media.

- Wedding hashtag signs announce your own personal or mutual sense of style to the world. Well-crafted wedding hashtags are often a twist on something intimate relating to the couple or can be an ode to their incredible sense of humor.

- Wedding hashtag signs are typically obvious, so it’s convenient for guests because they don’t have to track the exact wording mentally. Displaying your wedding hashtag throughout your venue allows guests to refer back to the sign if they forget the spelling or wordplay.

While coming up with the perfect wedding hashtag all by yourself is the dream, sometimes it can be a challenging task. Especially because you’ll have your mind occupied by countless wedding-related tasks. Allow a professional wedding hashtag writer (such as the brilliant folks at a company like Wedding Hashers) to take over at the helm.

A professional hashtag writer knows all about the current trends, has ample experience in witty wordplay, and will ideally do thorough research into your love story to develop a tremendous symbolic hashtag or set of hashtags to represent that. And the result will be wedding hashtags that you love!

5 Wedding Hashtag Sign Ideas You Can Use At Your Wedding

Wedding hashtags signs should be placed in a spot in your ceremony or reception where they can be easily seen, and they need to be aesthetic, stunning, and yet practical in their design. Here are a few great ideas to let your hashtag shine high and bright for everyone there to maximize their utility and appeal on the day you want to remember forever.

1. Add The Hashtag To Your Welcome Board Wooden Sign

A welcome board wooden sign is a wonderfully rustic and natural functional décor piece placed right at the entrance of your wedding venue. It announces the couple getting married and is an ideal place to write your wedding hashtag so guests know immediately they have the option of using it to post or view media from the event.

Everyone loves a wooden sign because it instinctively looks a lot more expensive than it is and gives a lovely, homely, and comforting vibe. Wooden signs are also a fun DIY project, and the letters can be painted with gold ink or any color that’ll stand out against the type of wood used. It can be an excellent excuse for the couple to create something together for their wedding day that they can later keep as a souvenir!

2. Add The Hashtag To Your Ceremony Backdrop

The wedding backdrop design is not to be underestimated because it is where the couple says their vows and ties the knot. And in some cultures, they may also stay seated or cut the wedding cake right in front of the wedding backdrop so that it is a visual focal point for the photographers and the guests.

A stunning way to stray from the norm and imbue your wedding backdrop with a ton of personality is to weave your unique wedding hashtag into the design. It can be in metal letters in a sea of curated seasonal blooms, a board draped with silk, the hashtag itself spelled out with foliage, or even a light-up sign that gleams as you say your vows to the person you love.

3. Add The Hashtag To The Photo Booth & Photo Props

Everyone loves a photo booth at a wedding, and they are almost a rite of passage if you want everyone to have a great time and mingle while making silly jokes. One of the ways to personalize a photo booth is to have specially made props of your wedding hashtags and an overhead banner with the wedding hashtag/s displayed so that all the pictures can get tagged accurately. Then, when people take home the Polaroids, they will giggle at your wedding hashtag signs and props many years in the future. Rather than an impersonal photo booth, you now have one in your style, with words (or hashtags) representing you as a couple in all your glory.

4. Display A Neon Light Sign With The Hashtag

Wedding hashtag signs, especially neon light-up variety, are to die for. They add instant glamor, chic appeal, and a wondrous feeling of being in a club in the 80s. There is no easier way of making sure your brilliant wedding hashtag gets the attention it deserves and that it serves its purpose. Neon hashtag signs are custom and look upscale, elevating the feel and vibe of your wedding décor. In addition, they look lovely in photographs and are a quiet and alluring nudge to guests to post their pictures and view some candid moments of the event on social media.

5. Add The Hashtag To A Flower Wall

Nothing’s more beautiful and universally appealing than flowers at a wedding, and a flower wall is simply the epitome of natural wedding décor that makes for exquisite and ethereal photographs. However, personalizing a flower wall beyond your love for white roses can add a customized appeal and a great way to do that’s by placing your wedding hashtag sign center stage to be admired!

Make Your Wedding Hashtag Unforgettable

Wedding signage is a way to show personality, humor, and joy, and it has become something of an enduring trend over the last several years. Wedding hashtags signs are a way to up the ante on the customization front and it's a great complement to your wedding video and photoshoot to let the world see what makes your love story unique, heartwarming, and ultimately tweetable and Instagrammable.

*This is a sponsored blog post by Wedding Hashers.



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