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6 Quick Wedding Day Timing Tips: Wedding Wednesday

6 Quick Wedding Day Timing Tips Indiana Destination Wedding Photographer

Wedding days can easily get off schedule. One section of the day where timing can easily get way off is during during the getting ready time and anything before the wedding ceremony. Below are 6 tips to keep in mind that will make sure everything before the wedding ceremony runs smoothly.

Hair and Makeup

Your hair and makeup artists need a certain amount of time to make sure everyone looks their best. You will want to get this estimated timeframe so you can add it to your timeline. Be sure to add some extra time here in case a bridesmaid doesn't like her hair and it needs to get re-done or if someone who said they didn't want hair and makeup changes their mind at the last minute.

Getting Into Your Dress

A lot of brides underestimate how long it will take to get in their dress. If your dress has a lace up back or a complicated bustle, you will want to make sure you add in more time that you think. I usually recommend 30 minutes for a less complicated dress and at least 45 minutes for a more complicated dress. This will allow us to get the dress shots and for you to get fully ready!

Wedding Party

Having your close friends by your side on the wedding day is the best! However, you will want to make sure everyone knows the timeline and sicks to it. You won't want to wait around for your bridesmaids or groomsmen to get dressed because that can easily derail your timeline.

Bouquets and Boutonnieres

You will want to make sure that the bouquets are in the room with the girls and that the boutonnieres are in the room with the guys. This will help cut down on time where people are searching for their flowers. You will also want to let your wedding party know that they need to have their flowers on and ready before wedding party portraits are scheduled to happen.

Travel Time

If you have any sort of travel on your wedding day (travel from ceremony to reception, from getting ready to ceremony, to portrait locations, etc) then you will want to make sure you overestimate your travel time. The last thing you want is to run into some bad traffic or get caught behind an accident. Adding in extra time will help you prepare for the unexpected.

Add Extra Time

Just like with your travel, you will want to add extra cushion time throughout your wedding day. This helps in case something does run behind or if any extra time is needed. You will have some cushion time built in so you won't have your full day always running behind.



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