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A Quick Tip For Your Parent Dance Song Choice: Wedding Wednesday

Quick Tip For Your Parent Dance Indiana Wedding Photographer

Today's Wedding Wednesday blog post is going to be short and sweet but it's something that some couples don't consider when it comes to their wedding day. Ben Edwards of Music Lifeline DJ Entertainment is providing us with today's Wedding Wednesday tip. Ben has been a professional DJ for over 15 years and he loves every minute of it! He says "I have seen quite a few trends, and changes in business in the last 15 years. One thing that will never change is the love that the families bring together on a wedding day."

Music Lifeline DJ Entertainment Ben Edwards

One way that couples share the love and honor their parents on a wedding day is the parent dances. Traditionally a bride will dance with her dad and a groom will dance with his mom but I've had couples dance with all of their parents and other close family members so you can really share the love and have a special dance with anyone who is special in your life.

Ben has a quick tip for us in regards to choosing a song for your parent dances.

He says: "Song tip - if you are not accustom to dancing with your family members aka mom or dad do not choose a 6 minute song. Most people do not think about the length of the song they choose to dance with their parents. This can lead to a pretty awkward, and long dance with mom or dad that you could have done without. If you are looking for the perfect time on a song try somewhere around the 2:30 second mark. It does not feel too rushed, and it also does not feel too long."

I think this tip is great and something that you will want to consider when choosing a song! If you or your parents aren't big on dancing or don't necessarily like to be in the spotlight for too long, you will want to keep your song choice short and sweet. If you have your heart set on a song that's longer but don't want to have a long dance, talk to your DJ! They will be able to edit and transition the song so it won't last as long. This will let you keep the perfect song but also have a shorter time to dance.

Music Lifeline DJ Entertainment Ben Edwards

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