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Choosing the Perfect Venue: A Guide to Selecting Picture-Perfect Locations- Wedding Wednesday

The Whittaker Inn West Lafayette Indiana Wedding Venue

Choosing the location where you proclaim your love for one another is crucial and is one of the most significant decisions in wedding planning. When searching for the perfect venue to say your vows, there’s no doubt it will get confusing with so many choices.

How about narrowing it down to one option? It’s an exciting process that certainly needs a guide to make the right choice, especially if you want some stunning photographs.

This article offers expert advice on choosing the right venue from the day you decide your wedding date to the last dance of the night; we’ve covered it all.

Involve Your Wedding Planner

Although hiring a wedding planner is necessary, it can certainly make a difference when choosing the venue. Since they’re professionals with loads of experience, they will be able to pinpoint precisely what you need in a wedding venue.

They’ll advise you about the spaces that suit your budget, accommodate your guests well, and consider all your preferences. Plus, they’re connected in the industry, so their network might also help you get discounts on wedding elements like decor and vendors.

Pick A Season

The weather can hugely impact your wedding day, primarily the venue. For Spring or Summer weddings, a beautiful outdoor ceremony in a garden, farm, terrace, or even marquee venue would create a fantastic ambience with a seriously photogenic background.

Similarly, a cosy winter wedding wouldn’t work well outdoors, and you’ll end up freezing instead of having a good time. Plus, venue prices also depend on the time of the year, and if you’re on a strict budget, choose a low-season month for your area.

Theme It Up

Your desired aesthetic must complement the venue to make it an appealing setting; otherwise, it’ll look like a mix of ideas randomly tossed into one space. The venue also influences the wedding dress because you want everything to look ethereal yet cohesive.

For example, a glam wedding in a mansion or a country house venue would certainly make a luxurious statement. Weddings looking for a chic yet modern feel would turn out beautifully in a warehouse or urban loft setting.

Guest List Check

You need to know your wedding capacity before choosing a venue, including preparing your guest list. If you want to have a large, lavish wedding, the size of the venue is essential to accommodate your guests and avoid a stuffy, overcrowded celebration.

Similarly, if your guest list is limited to only close family and friends, micro wedding venues in small, intimate locations like restaurants, cafes, parks, or even art gallery settings are great.. When discussing venue options, ask for the seating plan, so you know how much space there is.

Wedding Budget Priorities

Even the smartest ones among us can end up underestimating the hidden costs of a wedding, so it’s crucial to set a budget from the get-go; doing so will also give you a rough idea of how much you can spend on the venue.

It’s always advisable to create a realistic budget first and then include what you would consider “extras;”. In contrast, this extras list can go on; jotting it down will help you understand what really is a must-have and what can be chucked out to accommodate something better.

It’s All About The Location

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of choosing your location wisely. Consider where your guests are coming from, whether the venue is easily accessible, or if they will need accommodation on the site or nearby so your guests can rest if they’re coming from afar.

All this is part of ensuring your guests are comfortable and have a memorable wedding experience. Similarly, correlate this to the capacity of your wedding; if it’s a large number, you should choose a location that is close enough and easy to access, whereas smaller weddings should be fine in remote areas.

Meet Up With The Venue Staff

Understanding the staff will also help you gauge the kind of service you can expect on your wedding day, so watch out for any funny behavior at the beginning itself. If they seem distracted or rude or ignore your concerns, you know that’s a red flag.

Check and confirm supplier rules because some wedding venues will offer packages including services such as decor, catering, photography, entertainment, etc. However, some might have strict rules about not allowing outside vendors, so watch out for that.

Discuss Catering Options

The one sure shot way to any person’s heart is through their stomach, so your wedding venue will make or break everyone’s overall experience of the celebrations. Whether you choose in-house catering at the venue or book external caterers, you must put a desirable amount of thought into what you want.

Start by deciding the type of cuisine you want, and make sure your venue has it available if you choose their catering service. Similarly, watch out for specific dietary requirements like vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free options, and don’t forget about allergies and food intolerances.

Decor And Lighting Details

If the venue looks bland, don’t reject it just because it hasn’t immediately caught your eye because decorations and lighting can undoubtedly do miracles at creating a breathtaking ambience.

You can use lighting and decor to add life to the venue's unique features for some breathtaking photographs. Gauge the venue’s decorative potential by asking for pictures of previous events that have taken place there.


While our guide addresses most of the concerns any couple would have regarding wedding venues, you must listen to your gut about whether or not the venue checks all your boxes.

Don’t shy away from asking questions either because it’s better to be informed in advance than to have unpleasant surprises during the ceremony.

*This is a collaborative blog post.



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