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Do You Need A Wedding Website: Wedding Wednesday

Do You Need A Wedding Website

Today we are talking all about wedding websites! Do you need a wedding website? The short answer is no, you don't NEED a wedding website. Your wedding will still happen and be perfect regardless of if you have a wedding website or not. However, wedding websites are a nice way to make sure your guests have all of the information that they may need at their fingertips. You can only include so much information on your Save The Dates and Invitations but you can put additional information on your wedding website. It's also a one stop shop for your guests to see everything they need to know in case they lost their invitation or need any particular details, they can visit the website to get the information they need without having to contact you.

What information should you have on your website? See below for the top things!

All Wedding Details

At the very least your wedding website needs to have the date of your wedding, location for your ceremony and reception (with the address) and start time (with the time zone for out of town guests). If you are able to provide directions from major highways/interstates that can be helpful as well. If guests will need to travel from ceremony to reception site, a map with easy turn by turn directions is a great touch for out of town guests so they will know the easiest way to get there.

Wedding Attire

If you want your guests to dress in any specific way (black tie, cocktail attire, come as you want, etc) be sure to list this on your website. Also, black tie and cocktail attire can mean different things to different people so don't be afraid to spell out exactly what type of attire you would like your guests to wear.

Other Wedding Events

Any other wedding events that may be happening is also a great thing to add to your wedding website. Things like bridal/wedding shower, rehearsal dinner, post wedding brunch, etc. This events should also have include the date of the event, location (with address), and start and end time (with time zone).


If you are having a lot of out of town guests or will have a lot of guests that you know will drink the night away and will need a place to crash that night, include an accommodation page with links to hotels, Airbnb's, Bed & Breakfasts, near your venue. If there are any hotels or areas that you guests should avoid when booking a place to stay, let them know that as well! If you have a room block reserved at a hotel that has a discounted rate for your guests, make sure that is front and center!

Things To Do

Just like accommodations, if you have a lot of out of town guests, adding a things to do page can be a nice touch! Add in your favorite places to eat, drink, and some fun things people can do nearby. This way your guests can make a weekend get-a-way out of your wedding or at least grab something yummy to eat the night before your wedding.


You will want to have a registry link or listed on your wedding website so your guests can find you gifts that they know that you will love. Include links to your registries and let them know all your details on your website.


You don't HAVE to have RSVP's on your wedding website. Some couples prefer to keep them all in one place (like mailed response cards) and that is perfectly fine! However, if you want to save some paper and allow your guests to RSVP online, it can be a great thing to add. Remember to add in any meal preferences they can choose to the online RSVP as well.

Love Story and Photos

If you have some time to add some photos and your love story to your wedding website, it can be a nice touch for your guests to read. They can learn all about how you met and got engaged and any other fun details that you both enjoy.

Wedding Party Members/Special Wedding People

You can also list out your wedding party or anyone else who may have a special part in your wedding day.

Any Other Important Details

Anything else you think people need or will want to know? Include it on your wedding website so everyone will be up-to-date!

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