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Fun Grand Exit Ideas: Wedding Wednesday

Fun Grand Exit Ideas For Your Wedding Indiana Photographer Photography

Who doesn't love a grand exit from their wedding day! You get to jet off as a newly married couple and your family and friends get to do one last celebration with you! There are two times where you can have a grand exit and you can do either, both, or none; it's really up to you! First time you can have a grand exit is when you exit your ceremony venue. These types of exits usually occur in the daylight and are a fun way to mark your official marriage and get ready for the reception. The second grand exit would mark your exit from the wedding reception. These exits usually happen at night once all the festivities are over. TIP: If you are having a reception grand exit but don't think you will need your photographer to say the whole reception, plan a mock exit! These are super fun and would happen before your photographer leaves so you can get photos captured of the moment!


Attica Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography

Sparklers are probably the most common send off option and they can provide some great images! You will want to make sure it's dusk for these to turn out the best (not too dark outside but not too light outside). They're also a lot of fun, who doesn't like lighting a sparkler!


Lafayette Indiana Wedding Photographer Photograpy

Fireworks are a fun way to end the night if you're able to do this at your venue. You will need to wait until it's dark and will need a few takes to get the perfect photo, but it can be a fun way to end the night!

Motor Vehicles

Maybe you want to drive away on a motorcycle or maybe in a decorated car! Any sort of motorized vechicle can be a great get-away option!


Palomino Ballroom Indianapolis Wedding Photographer Photography

Want to tie in your wedding colors to your exit? Then streamers are a great option! These can also be used when it's light or dark out so they're a good option regardless the time!


Lafayette Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography

Bubbles are a great send off option for after the ceremony or when it's daylight outside! They provide some pretty dimension to your images and it's fun for your guests!

Dried Flowers or Birdseed

Indianapolis Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography

A nice organic option is to use dried flowers or birdseed for your send off! You won't have to worry about cleaning it up as much and it's still very pretty!


Purdue University Wedding Photographer Photography Lafayette Indiana

Lightsabers can be a great option for Star Wars fans! The provide some pretty light and it's a fun element for your send off!

Glow Sticks

Indianapolis Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography

Glow sticks are also a fun option that light up! Your guests can keep them afterwards and use them to party into the night!

Anything Else You Can Think Of

Purdue University Wedding Photographer Photography West Lafayette Indiana

You can use anything as a send off! So use your imagination! Also, don't feel pressured to have a send off if it doesn't seem like it's your jam. You can quietly sneak off into the night as newlyweds!


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