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Fun Wedding Favor Ideas: Wedding Wednesday

Fun Wedding Favor Ideas Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography

There are a lot of things that go into planning a wedding and one thing that you may be thinking about having at your wedding are favors for your guests. There are SOOOOO many options for wedding favors out there and you can do something standard like sweets to something more elaborate that ties into both of you as a couple. As a wedding photographer for over a decade, I've had couple do soooo many different favors. Here are a few to help get the inspiration flowing!

Wedding Favor Boxes Indiana Wedding Photographer

Favor Boxes

Favor boxes are pretty common and are cute boxes that hold something for your guests. Most couples will put in something sweet- from candy to cupcakes to their favorite chocolate to more! The options with favor boxes are limitless!

Custom Wedding M&M's Indiana Wedding Photographer

Custom M&M's

If you want to give your guests something sweet but want to make a bit more custom, then custom M&M's are perfect! They are fairly inexpensive and can be customized in many different colors. If M&M's aren't your thing, you can customize other fun treats too like wine bottles, ketchup, and more!

Favor Sweets Indiana Wedding Photographer

Other Sweet Treats

Do you love a certain cookie, cupcake, treat, etc? Then go ahead and order those as your favors! You can serve them as it or get a cute label to affix to them.

Plant Succulent Wedding Favors Indiana Wedding Photographer


If you are a plant lover and want your favors to be something your guests will love and use, then plants make a perfect favor! You can do mini succulents or mums and everything in-between! Your guests will think of your wedding every time they look at their plant.

Koozie Wedding Favors Indiana Wedding Photographer


If you and your fiancé love drinks then koozies can be a fun favor for your guests. This is especially nice for summer outdoor weddings, your guests can use the koozies to keep their drinks cold and keep the condensation off of their outfits.

Wedding Candy Buffet Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

Candy Buffets

If you don't want to do favors at every guests seat and want them to be able to take their favorite candy home, then a candy buffet is a great thing to have! You can get all of your favorite candy, candy in your wedding colors, and have personalized bags. Your guests can fill a bag to take home and snack on some sweets throughout your reception.

Photo Booth Wedding Favors Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography

Photo Booths

Photo booths don't just provide something fun for your guests to do during your reception but they can also double as favors! Your guests will get to take home a photo of themselves and hang it in their home. Everyone will love taking a photo from the children all the way up to the grandparents. Everyone seems to really enjoy photo booths and will get in and take a photo! Remember, our sister company, JNP Photo Booth, is the premier photo booth company in Indiana!

Harry's Chocolate Shop Wedding Favor Lafayette Indiana Wedding Photographer

Favor Snacks That Tie Into Your Alma Mater

If you are familiar with Purdue University, then you are familiar with Harry's Chocolate Shop! I've had so many couples who will have Harry's Popcorn as a favor at their wedding and their guests get to take it home in cute packaging. I've also had couples turn their bar area into Harry's too! If you have something that you love as a couple, this is an easy way to tie that into your favors.

Pez Wedding Favors Indiana Wedding Photographer

Cigar Wedding Favors Indiana Wedding Photographer

Out Of The Box Personalized Favors

When I said anything can be a favor, I mean it! Maybe you and your fiancé love the movies, you can give out popcorn and candy for your guests next movie night. Maybe you love collecting something, like Pez Dispensers, you can customize those and hand them out to your guests. Maybe you love to have a cigar every so often, you can have a cigar bar at your wedding with personalized cigars! Don't be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to your favors!

Custom Drinkware Wedding Favors Indiana Wedding Photographer


Custom glasses, mugs, shot glasses, etc are great favors! You can have your bartenders use these for their drinks and your guests get to take them home at the end of the night. They can add them to their drink ware collection or the bar area of their home.

Dog Treat Wedding Favors Indiana Wedding Photographer

Dog Treats

If you are a huge pet lover and your dog is a special part of your family and a lot of your guests have dogs, then a fun dog treat station can be a fun favor area for your wedding. Your guests can take some treats from your dog to theirs!

Wildflower Wedding Favors Indiana Wedding Photographer

Sustainable Favors

If you are big into sustainability and the Earth, then sustainable and biodegradable gifts are for you! You can give out wild flower seeds for your guests to plant, birdseed for outdoor birds, locally made honey for their toasts and so much more!

Hand Sanitizer Wedding Favors Indiana Wedding Photographer

Hand Sanitizer

I think 2020 really brought these out strong but they are still a nice favor even when a pandemic isn't going on!



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