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Fun Wedding Send Off Ideas: Wedding Wednesday

Fun Wedding Send Off Ideas Indiana Wedding Photographer

Wedding send offs are so fun! You get to jet off as a newly married couple and your family and friends get to celebrate with you! Two of the most popular times for send offs are either after you get married and you exit your ceremony or when you exit your wedding reception. You can have both send offs or just one, that's totally up to you! The reception send off will usually happen at the end of your reception BUT if you don't think you will need your photographer to stay for the whole reception but still want photos of your exit, then plan a Mock Send Off! You get to do a mini send off with your wedding party for photos and then can do your big send off at the end of the night.


Sparkler Send Off Ideas Indiana Wedding Photographer

When you think of a wedding send off, you probably think of sparklers. Sparklers are pretty common and can provide some great images! Sparklers are also a lot of fun! Who doesn't like waving a sparkler around! If you are planning on using sparklers, you will want to do your send off when it's dusk outside for the best photos. You don't want it to be too dark and want some ambient light.


Bubble Send Off Ideas Indiana Wedding Photographer

Bubbles are the classic post ceremony send off option but they can be a great option for your reception send off too! Bubbles work well when it's light outside so if your send off will happen before it's dark, then these are a great idea! They provide some dimension to your images and it's fun for your guests.


Firework Send Off Ideas Indiana Wedding Photographer

Fireworks are a fun way to end your wedding night! If you are planning an Independence Day or New Years wedding then fireworks may already be happening around your venue. If not, you will want to make sure your venue and city will allow you to set off fireworks. For your firework exit, you will need to wait until it's dark outside and will want to have a few fireworks so you can have some time to get the perfect photo.

Motor Vehicles

Vehicle Send Off Ideas Indiana Wedding Photographer

Who doesn't like a fun, decorated get-a-way vehicle?!? This can be a fun classic car, one of your cars decorated, a motorcycle, limo, etc! There are so many options for these!


Streamer Send Off Ideas Indiana Wedding Photographer

If your venue doesn't let you have sparklers or there isn't room for fireworks or a get-a-way car, then streamers can be a great option! You can tie in your wedding colors and you won't have to worry about someone accidentally setting someone on fire. Streamers can also be used at any time of day so if your exit will happen when it's still a bit light out, they are a great option!


Lightsaber Send Off Ideas Indiana Wedding Photographer

Calling all Star Wars fans, this one is for you! If you are having a Star Wars themed wedding or just want to give a subtle nod to Star Wars then this is a great option. They are a fun element that will provide some pretty light for your exit.

Glow Sticks

Glowstick Send Off Ideas Indiana Wedding Photographer

I'm a HUGE glow stick fan and if you are too, then this is a great option for your wedding send off! They provide some fun glow and are safe which makes it great for venues who won't allow sparklers or flames. Another bonus is that your guests can keep them afterwards and use them to party the rest of the night away!

Bird Seed/Dried Flowers

Environmentally Friendly Wedding Send Off Ideas Indiana Wedding Photographer

Want something a bit more environmentally friendly and waste free? Then bird seed and dried flowers/flower petals will be your friend! These will feed and biodegrade so you can have the best of both worlds without having any waste.

Countless Other Ideas!

There are so many other ideas for send offs and you can really think outside the box here! If there is something you love and want to tie into your wedding, then do it!



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