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Guest Book Alternatives: Wedding Wednesday

Wedding Guest Book Alternatives Indiana Wedding Photographer

Wedding guest books are a great way to look back and see a list of all the guests who attended your wedding. The standard guest books usually have a line for the guests name and then a space for their mailing address so you can send thank you cards. Most couples now-a-days already have all of their guests mailing address since they are usually the ones who are mailing out the wedding invitations so that isn't something that's needed as much now. Standard guest books are nice because you get to see everyone who attended but really, after the wedding they get put into storage and never looked at again. There are a few fun alternatives to the traditional guest book that will allow you to have a record of all of your guests and be something that you will look at more often. Keep reading for a few fun guest book alternatives!

Photo Booth

Photo booths are a great way to make sure you have photos of all your guests and they are fun for your guests as well! They can serve three purposes: be a record of all of your guests, be a great wedding favor, and be a great source of entertainment. You can even add on a photo booth guest book where guests will glue a photo book photo to a book and write you a fun message.

Photo Canvas Guest Book

A canvas with one of your engagement photos that guests can sign is a great option for a guest book! You not only can hang up a beautiful photo of the two of you in your home but you can also see all of your guests signatures. When taking your engagement photos, let your photographer know that you would like to utilize one for a guest book canvas. They will be able to set up a photo of the two of you where there is a lot of open space around you where your guests can sign and then they can have it printed on a beautiful canvas for you!

Engagement Photo Guest Book

Don't want to choose just one engagement photo? Then have your photographer make you a guest book filled with all of your favorite images from your engagement session. They will be able to design it with open writable spaces around each photo so your guests will have lots of space to sign their names and leave you a message. Engagement guest books are super fun because they can become a coffee table book for your home which means that you can easily look through all of your engagement photos and read fun messages from your guests at anytime!

Sign or Decor Guest Book

Have your guests sign a fun sign or decor item for your home. This could be something like a wooden sign with your names and wedding date that you can hang on your wall, a vintage globe to sit on your mantel, an artist's drawing of your wedding venue that you can display, and anything else that fits your home. You get a pretty piece of home decor and can see all your loved ones signatures at the same time!

Reception Table Photo Game

If you aren't keen on having your guests sign something or if you think a lot of your guests would skip over signing a guest book, then you can have your photographer and DJ play the reception table photo game. This game is fun because you and your fiancé get to take a photo with each reception table which means that you will have a photo with all of your guests! What happens is that the DJ will announce this game and explain the details to the guests, you will have one song (or two if you have a lot of guests) where you will run around with your photographer and take a quick photo with each table before the song ends. It's a fun game for you and your guests because everyone is scrambling to make sure all the photos are taken before the song ends! It also doesn't take up much time because it will last around 3 minutes. Be sure to loop in your DJ and photographer in advance if you do plan to do this!

Shadowbox Guest Book

Have a shadowbox made with your names and wedding date. Your guests can then sign pieces (hearts, corks, etc) to place into the shadowbox. You can then display the shadowbox in your home.

Game Guest Book

If you love playing games, then have your guests sign a game piece! This works especially well with games like Jenga or lawn checkers where there are a lot of bigger pieces. Every time you pull out the game to play, you can see your guests signatures.

Puzzle Guest Book

Puzzles are also a fun game to sign! You can have a puzzle made with one of your engagement photos or of your wedding venue. Your guests can sign the back of each puzzle piece and then when you go to put together the puzzle, you can see all of their signatures.

Date Night Guest Book

Instead of just having your guests write their name, set up a box or jar where guests can add in their favorite date night activities. When you are looking for a fun thing to do for date night, you can pull this out and read your guests suggestions.

Recipe Guest Book

If you and your fiancé love cooking (or maybe need some ideas of things to cook) then a recipe guest book can be super fun. With this, each guest will send you their favorite recipe and you can compile all the recipes together into a fun cookbook. This works better if you have your guests mail in a recipe with their response cards. Not all guests will know a recipe by heart to write down on the wedding day so by having them mail one with their response cards, they will be able to give you a complete recipe.

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