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Honeymoon Packing Tips For All Destinations: Wedding Wednesday

Honeymoon Packing Tips Indiana Destination Wedding Photographer Photography Lafayette Indiana Cruise

You've planned for the wedding and the honeymoon and the last thing that you want to do is pack for your amazing honeymoon vacation. Different destinations call for a different set of things that you will want to pack. Today's blog post will feature 4 tips when it comes to packing along with 4 packing lists for all honeymoon destinations!

Pack Before Your Wedding

If you are planning on leaving for your honeymoon within a day or so of your wedding, you will want to have your bags packed and ready before your wedding even happens. This will allow you to really enjoy your reception and get some sleep before your flight without worrying about getting that last minute packing in. This is also true of any trip, packing in advance will help relieve some of that stress.

Pack Light

You won't want to have to deal with tons of luggage so try to pack as light as possible. Depending on your destination or travel activities, having a carry on and checked bag may just be too much to lug along. Fitting all of your items into a carry on bag will not only lighten your load but will also make sure your bags aren't lost so you can start your honeymoon off right!

Consider Wrinkle Free Clothes

The last thing anyone wants to do on your honeymoon is spend time ironing your clothes. Pack clothes that travel well without getting wrinkled. Also, when packing clothes make sure you roll them instead of fold them. This will not only help them stay wrinkle free but will also allow you to pack more items in the same amount of space. It's a win, win!

Forget Your Devices

Now, I'm not saying to leave your phone and laptop at home, but unplugging as much as possible while on your honeymoon will really help you relax and enjoy your time as newlyweds.

Here are some packing lists for all of your honeymoon destinations!

International Honeymoon:

- Passport (if you are changing your name, make sure to do so after your honeymoon and to book your honeymoon with your maiden name)

- Visa (make sure you have the proper Visas and info needed for your destination.

- Outlet Adapter (this will make sure you can plug in your devices wherever you go!)

- Battery Bank (keep your devices charged on those long flights)

- Travel Toiletries (to keep you refreshed on those long flights)

- Wardrobe with Matching Pieces (this will let you pack light by mixing and matching)

Beach Honeymoon:

- Wardrobe with Layers (this will let you go from the beach to dinner by just throwing on a sweater)

- Sunscreen (no one wants to get burnt and be uncomfortable)

- Beach Bag (to keep all your items at hand while on the beach)

- Swimsuits

- Sundress/Light Clothing (for the warm weather)

- Dressy Shoes and Outfit (for special dinners and events)

City Honeymoon:

- Walking Shoes (keep your feet comfortable when you're doing lots of walking)

- Wardrobe with Layers (to keep you dressed for the weather from day to night)

- Dressy Shoes/Outfit (for special dinners and events)

- Guide/Directions (to make sure you visit all the locations on your list)

- Reservations (book your events in advance for the best price)

- Umbrella (in case bad weather comes your way)

Adventure Honeymoon:

- Walking/Hiking Shoes (keep yourself comfortable while hiking)

- Comfortable Clothing in Layers (lets you move and stay warm/cool with the weather changes)

- Sunscreen/Insect Repellant (keep your skin safe and comfortable)

- Foldable Backpack (will roll up to save space in your luggage but will be able to hold all the essentials on your hikes/trips)

- Cash (for tolls and park admission)

- Umbrella or Rain Coat (to ward off any bad weather)



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