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How To Button A Suit Jacket: Wedding Wednesday

How To Button A Suit Jacket Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography Indianapolis Lafayette

There is always a suit present at a wedding. Either one of the wedding couple and some wedding party members will be wearing one, the parents or grandparent may be wearing one, or a guest will wear one. One thing that a lot of folks do not understand is how to actually button their suit. When you go to buy a suit or rent a suit, a lot of times they just don't tell you and if you aren't an avid suit wearer, then you may not actually know what buttons you should button. This blog will hopefully explain it all to you!

NEVER Button The Bottom Button

Regardless of how many buttons your suit jacket or vest has, you should never button the last button. The last button on jackets and vests should always remain undone. Suit jackets are tailored to nip you in at the waist so designers utilize that middle button to assist with this and usually sew the jacket to lay correctly when the bottom button is left undone. Buttoning that bottom button can make your jacket bunch and look unflattering.

Three Button Jackets

Things get a little tricky with three button jackets. Again, the bottom button should never be buttoned. The middle button should always be buttoned when you are standing, and the top button can be either buttoned or unbuttoned, that's up to you!

Unbutton Your Jacket When You Sit

As a rule, your jacket should be buttoned when you are standing but you should unbutton your jacket when you sit.

BONUS: Open Up The Slits

Some suit jackets will have slits on the side or in the back. These are usually sewn closed with a small "X" stitch. This is to keep the jacket in great shape while it's being sold so the ends don't bend and curl. This stitch needs to be removed before wearing so the slits can open and move. This is also true to skirts with slits as well!

Now you may be asking, why is there a button if it's not meant to be used!?!?! The reason why, may seem a bit funny, but it's true.

Suits started coming into fashion back when King Edward VII was the Prince of Wales. King Edward VII ended up gaining a bit of weight and was too big for his jacket so he stopped buttoning the bottom button so it would fit better. The British court, obviously, had a lot of respect for him so they stopped buttoning their bottom buttons and eventually, everyone else in England wanted to look like them so they stopped buttoning the bottom button as well.

King Edward VII set this trend and it has stuck throughout history!



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