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How To Choose The Perfect Signature Cocktail For Your Wedding: Wedding Wednesday

How To Choose The Perfect Signature Cocktail For Your Wedding Indiana Wedding Photographer

Signature cocktails or drinks are a fun way to infuse a bit more of your personality into your wedding and add those personalized details. You can have a signature drink for both of you, one you both love, or a handful of drinks that you want to showcase. Your signature drink can be alcoholic or booze free or you can have one of each. If you are struggling on what to do as your signature cocktail or drink, keep reading for a few ideas to get your inspiration flowing!

Start With Drinks You LOVE

The easiest place to start when trying to come up with a signature cocktail or drink is to think of the drinks you love. Maybe you and your fiancé have a drink that you love to drink together or make at home. Maybe you have a favorite go-to drink and your fiancé has their favorite go-to drink. Those drinks can be a great starting point! You can serve those drinks exactly as they are or come up with a fun variation.

Consider Local Options

Most locations have some sort of local alcohol option. Maybe you have a local brewery in your town or winery. These can be great drinks to feature. Your guests will get to experience new drinks that they may not have had before and you can feature some local businesses.

Keep The Season In Mind

You can consider the season when choosing your signature drink. If you are getting married in the summer, a cold refreshing cocktail can be great. If in the winter, you can think of warmer drinks like a hot toddy or Irish coffee. You can garnish your drinks with things that tie into the season like flowers in the spring and summer.

Think Of Your Guests

If you have a lot of guests who drink alcohol, then you may not need a non-alcoholic option. However, if you have a lot of guests who do not drink or are underage, then having a non-alcoholic option can be great! This can be a completely new signature drink or it can be a mocktail of your signature drink cocktail.

Consult With Your Bartender

Still stumped? No worries! Have a quick chat with your bartender to see if there are any drinks that they may recommend. They will be able to recommend some fun out of the box options that you and your guests will love!


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