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How To Clean Your Wedding And Engagement Rings: Wedding Wednesday

How To Clean Your Wedding And Engagement Rings Indiana and Destination Wedding Photographer Photography

Your engagement ring and wedding bands are so special and gorgeous and they are something that you wear on your hands every day. They can take a beating and pick up dirt, lotions, soap, and more. After awhile, that grime can dull the shine of your ring and make it look cloudy and dirty. You will want to clean your ring every so often so it will look its best and so you can take some time to inspect your ring.

Check To Make Sure Your Ring Is Safe To Wash

Most rings are completely safe to use the methods that are mentioned below. However, some rings and gemstones are a bit more sensitive and need a special solution and delicate touch. Before using any of the following, do a quick Google search for your stone and ring material to make sure everything is safe!

Use Dish/Hand Soap And A Microfiber Towel

The easiest way to wash your ring is with dish soap (or hand soap that doesn't contain lotion) and an old toothbrush. Use warm water and plug the sink (in case you drop your ring or a stone falls out), put your ring under the running water, add some soap and use the toothbrush to lightly scrub your ring. You won't want to scrub too hard and risk damaging your ring but you want to give it a light scrub to dislodge any stuck lotion and grime. When you're done, use a lint free towel to dry it off and it will be sparkling like new!

Use An Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

An ultrasonic jewelry cleaner is going to be the closest clean to what you would receive at a jeweler. This is a device that you drop your jewelry into and put in some cleaning solution/soap/or just water. It uses ultrasonic waves to get your jewelry clean in even the tightest spaces. You can use this to clean all of your jewelry as well as eyeglasses! This can be a great option for delicate items or gemstones that may not be able to be cleaned with soap (some ultrasonic cleaners just use water!). There are several different ultrasonic cleaners and I'll link a few options below that you can buy on Amazon!

Magnasonic Professional UltraSonic Jewelry Cleaner:

Ukoke Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner:

iSonic Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner:

Use A Jewelry Cleaning Pen For Quick Touch Ups

Jewelry cleaning pens are great to throw in your bag and have on hand for any quick touch ups. Maybe you are out and about and realize your ring is looking dull and cloudy? These pens are great to make everything shine again and for a quick touch up! All you have to do is twist the pen, brush it on, and watch your ring shine! There are a few different jewelry cleaning pens out there and I'll link a few options that you can buy on Amazon below!

Diamond Dazzle Stick:

Inspect Your Ring For Loose Stones/Wear And Tear

This step is really important! Every time you wash your ring, take a quick look and make sure all the stones are secure and that everything looks good. Sometimes the grime that you are washing off is what is helping hold your stone in place and after a washing you will notice that it's loose. We also use our hands for everything so wear and tear will naturally happen with your ring. Look for any thinning of the band or any large dings. If you notice any loose stones or thinning bands, take your ring off to prevent any further damage or loss of a stone and make an appointment with your jeweler, they will be able to fix it easily!

Take To Your Jeweler For A Professional Cleaning

Every 6 months or so you will want to take your ring in to your jeweler for a professional clean. Even though cleaning your ring at home can work great and keep your rings looking their best, a jeweler will be able to provide a more thorough clean. Your jeweler will also inspect your ring and they can see and catch problems better than we can and will be able to offer fixes before your ring gets in too bad shape.



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