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How To Cut The Wedding Cake: Wedding Wednesday

How To Cut The Wedding Cake Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography

One thing that goes hand in hand with a wedding is cake and desserts! A lot of couple will cut a traditional wedding cake on their wedding day and other couples will do something a bit different like a wedding pie, cookies, donuts, and more! If you aren't a cake fan, feel free to "cut" something that you both enjoy. If you are planning on having a wedding cake at your wedding, you may be wondering how you actually go about cutting the cake on your wedding day. Today's Wedding Wednesday blog post will walk you through how to cut your wedding cake.

Cut The Bottom Layer

Most wedding cakes will have two or more layers. The top layer will be reserved for you to save. Most couples will freeze this top layer and will eat it on their one year anniversary to celebrate their first year of marriage. Because of this, you will want to cut the bottom layer. Even if you aren't planning on saving your top layer, you will still want to plan to cut the bottom layer because this will help keep the cake stable.

Mock Cakes Will Have A Marked Section To Cut

Some couples will have a mock cake made as their cutting cake and sheet cakes made for their guests to eat. The mock cake will be mostly fake with a real cake section added so the couple can still cut the cake. With a mock cake, it is imperative that you cut into the section that has the real cake. Your cake baker will mark this section with pins, ribbon, etc so you will know where to cut. This mark will be on the bottom layer of the cake. Be sure to only cut into this layer so you don't get styrofoam or have a hard time cutting the cake.

One Of You Will Cut And The Other Will Guide

When it comes to actually cutting your cake, one of you will take the cake knife and cut the cake and the other one will place their hands on top and help them guide the knife. Usually the bride is the one who holds the knife but you can really switch this up and do whatever you prefer. Once you make two cuts into the cake, you can use the cake server to pull out your piece.

Cut A Piece That Makes Sense To You

Normally when we cut into a cake we cut bigger pieces to eat but when it comes to your cake cutting you can cut small pieces instead of a big piece. You just need two small pieces to feed each other with so you don't need a big full piece. If it's easier to just cut out a couple chunks, that's totally fine. Your caterer will serve you a piece of the cake afterwards so you don't need to cut two pieces for each of you right away. However, if you want a nice full piece and it's easier to cut a full piece, do it!

After The Cake Is Cut, Feed Each Other A Piece

Once the cake is cut, it's tradition that you both feed each other a piece of the cake. Once you eat your piece, usually the couple will share a kiss and then the cake will be taken away to be cut up and fed to your guests.

When To Cut The Cake

Now that you know how to cut the cake you may be wondering when the cake cutting will fit into your reception. You can really cut the cake whenever you like but usually the cake cutting will happen right after dinner and before your first dance and parent dances. After you cut your cake your caterer will cut the rest of the cake so your guests can have a piece. By cutting the cake after dinner and before your dances, this allows the catering team to be able to get the cake cut and to your guests while they are watching your first dance. Your guests can then enjoy the cake and be ready to dance the night away on the dance floor afterwards.

Still Need Help?

If you still need help or guidance on your wedding day with cutting your cake, don't be afraid to ask for a bit of help before you cut the cake! Your photographer, venue coordinator, and caterer have witnesses hundreds of cake cuttings and help guide you through what to do!



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