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How To Deal With Wedding Gifts At Your Wedding: Wedding Wednesday

How To Deal With Wedding Gifts At Your Wedding Indiana Wedding Photographer

Wedding gifts are a part of your wedding that you probably do not give much thought to when it comes to wedding planning. You probably registered at your favorite stores and made a list but other than that most couples do not make a game plan for how to handle gifts that arrive on the day of the wedding. Most guests will buy gifts off your registry and send them to you before the wedding but some guests will bring them with them to the wedding. You will want to have a game plan in place so that you can keep your gifts safe during the wedding and delivered to you after the wedding day.

Have An Area For Gifts

Make sure you have an area for your guests to drop off gifts. Most couples opt for a table that guests can place gifts on. Try to keep the gift table in an area that is safe and away from doors or hidden from view of you and your guests. You won't want someone coming in and swiping your gifts while you party.

Have A Card Box That Is Safe

Not all guests will bring gifts. Some will bring cards that may contain cash or gift cards. You will want to have a card box that is on your gift table and that is secure. You won't want anyone to be able to reach into your card box and take cards looking for money. Also, custom card boxes are super cute and great and can be a source of fun for your wedding. Make sure you have a sign that mentions that guests can place their cards inside. I've been to too many weddings where guests just don't realize that that is where they place the cards.

Appoint A Gift Collector

Appoint a friend, family member, or wedding party member to keep an eye on the gifts. A few times throughout the reception they can empty the card box and move gifts to a locked location so you will have piece of mind. Some times your venue coordinator will do this as well and keep them locked in their office for you to collect at the end of the night.

Keep The Gift Table Out For The Whole Wedding

Some guests will arrive to the wedding with their gift, other's will grab the gift before the reception, and others will grab the gift throughout the reception or before they leave. You will want to keep the gift table out for the whole wedding so your guests can drop off the gift as they please.

Appoint Someone To Transport Or Load Gifts

After the wedding the last thing you will want to do is load up all of your gifts. Appoint someone to load the gifts into your car or appoint someone to deliver the gifts to you. Realistically, as excited as you are to see what your gifts are and as appreciative that you are, you won't want to open your gifts the night of your wedding so someone can drop them off the next day or have them ready for you for when you get back from your honeymoon.



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