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How To Handle Limited Parking At Your Wedding Venue: Wedding Wednesday

How To Handle Limited Parking At Your Wedding Venue Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography

What happens if you find your dream venue but they don't have a lot of parking for your guests? Lack of parking can become a challenge if you have a lot of guests who will be driving to your wedding, however, it doesn't have to get in the way of you booking your dream venue. Read on for a few solutions to limited parking!

Talk To The Venue

First of all, talk to the venue. Chances are, they have run into this problem before and may have a great solution for you! You will want to check with them first before you start working on alternative parking options.

Shuttle Service

Setting up a shuttle service is one of the easiest options! If you have a room block at a certain hotel, guests can easily park at the hotel and then get shuttled to and from your wedding venue. You can either set up a continuous shuttle that runs every so many minutes or a scheduled shuttle that runs once to get guests to the venue and then has 2-3 pick up times for guests leaving the reception.


Uber has an events division and you can set this up for your wedding day! Basically, your event is set up with Uber and you are able to give your guests passes that they can use on their rides to and from your wedding. Their ride would either be fully covered by you or a certain portion of their ride would be covered by you.

Unused Parking Lots

If your venue is in an area where a lot of businesses are, then you may be able to see if your guests can park in that businesses parking lot. Most weddings occur on the weekends and in the evening so if the business is closed during that time, they may allow you access to their parking lot for a small fee.



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