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How To Include Your Hometown At Your Wedding: Wedding Wednesday

How To Include Your Hometown At Your Wedding Indiana Wedding Photographer

Maybe you and your fiancé met in a certain location and you want to included in subtle ties from that town into your wedding day. Or maybe you and your fiancé are from different states and want to tie in both of your home states. If you're getting married in a different location but still want to include in those special areas then this is the blog for you!

Harry's Chocolate Shop West Lafayette Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography

Serve A Hometown Treat

Is your town or state known for a certain food? You can easily tie in that food into your wedding reception for the appetizer, into the meal, or as a late night treat. Your guests will get to experience a taste of your hometown.

Harry's Chocolate Shop Wedding Photographer West Lafayette Indianapolis

Offer Local Beers and Drinks

If you have a favorite drink from a local brewery, you can easily add that into your bar menu. Or maybe there is a special mixed drink that your state or area is known for and you can feature that as your signature drink.

Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography

Include Your State Flower

You can easily incorporate your state flower into your florals. You can add in a few for decoration or make them a feature of your florals.

Mavris Indianapolis Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography

Name Reception Tables After Your Favorite Locations

Another fun and unique way to honor your state and favorite locations is to name a table after each location. If you have photos of you and your fiancé at the different locations, this can add in a fun touch for your guests too.

Colorado Destination Wedding Photographer Photography

Utilize Signs and Favors

Signs and favors are things that you will be personalizing anyway so you can easily tie in your favorite locations. Include in the outline of your state, sayings with your favorite locations, and more.


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