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How To Include Your Pet In Your Wedding- Wedding Wednesday

How To Include Your Pet In Your Wedding Indiana Destination Wedding Photographer Photography Lafayette Indianapolis

Who doesn't look looking at all those adorable images of brides and grooms with their beloved pet on their wedding day? Your pet is a big part of your family and it only makes sense to want to include them into your wedding in some way. Here are a few tips to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Consider Your Venue

Not all venues will let you bring your pet along. If you really want to make sure your pet will be a part of your wedding day make sure you discuss this upfront with your venues before the booking process.

Consider Your Pet

Is your pet calm and quiet? Are they good around big crowds or do they just want to run and hide? Although no one will expect your pet to be perfect you will want to make sure that they won't want to run and jump in some mud and then jump on your dress. Also, if your pet doesn't like being around a bunch of people, consider if being a part of your wedding day would put undo stress onto your beloved pet.

Prepare Before The Wedding Day

Practice with your pet before the big day arrives. Slowly introduce them to crowds of people and start having them walk down the aisle. If you are going to put a special outfit on your pet then make sure you put it on them well in advance so they can get used to it.

Prepare An Exit Plan

After your pet is done with their part in your wedding you won't want them to have to be locked in a room for the rest of the festivities. Enlist the help of a friend or family member who can take them back home where they will be comfortable and have plenty of food and water. If you do plan to make your pet a part of your whole wedding, make sure you enlist someone to watch over them and make sure they have food, water, and bathroom breaks.

Pretty Up Your Pet

Allow time for your pet to get a bath or be taken to the groomer before your big day so that they will look their best. In the rush and bustle of a wedding day, this little task can get overlooked so make sure you put it into your schedule.

Ideas For Using Your Pet In Your Wedding

- Ring Bearer/Flower girl

If your pet is well behaved, they may walk down the aisle on their own. If not, you can appoint someone to walk them down the aisle.

- Wedding Party Member

You can have your pet be right up at the altar with you! They have sit or lay next to a bridesmaid or groomsmen who can also help keep an eye on them.

- Greeter

You can have your pet be with your ushers and great your guests as they arrive to your ceremony venue.

Don't Forget About Your Engagement Session or A Day After Session

If you want to make sure your pet is represented but don't want to risk having them present on the wedding day or if your venue won't allow it, include them into your engagement session. Your photographer can work with you and your pet to make sure you are able to get some amazing images. Since it's not the rush of the wedding day you can take your time to make sure your images look great. If you really want images of your pet and you and your spouse in your wedding attire, consider a day after session.



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