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How To Make Your Wedding Work During COVID-19: Wedding Wednesday

How To Make Your Wedding Work During COVID-19 Indiana Wedding Photographer

Last week we talked about if you should cancel or reschedule your wedding due to COVID-19. (If you want to read that blog, click HERE.) Since that post, I've had couples reach out to me and ask how they can still move ahead with their wedding during the COVID-19 crisis. This blog post will discuss a few possible options and alternatives if you really do not want to reschedule your wedding.

First, check local laws regarding COVID-19.

Before we can chat about how to still have your wedding during COVID-19, we need to first talk about the local laws that may be in place. Right now, Indiana is on a Stay At Home order and all non-essential businesses must close until at least April 7th. If your wedding falls between now and then, you will need to reschedule because there is no legal way for you to get married during this time. If you are getting married outside of this time, then you may be able to modify your wedding a bit so that it can still happen. As of now, the capacity limit of no more than 10 people per gathering are in place but that can change as time moves on so keep checking the latest laws and regulations. Also, be sure to check in with your vendors and keep them updated. They are here to help you during this hectic time so if you do want to move forward with one of the options below, make sure you are communicating this to your vendor team and make sure that it is an option.

Cut down your guest list.

When the capacity limits for events gets a bit larger, you can always narrow down your guest list to make sure you comply with local regulations. Even though it's tough to narrow down your list once your guests are invited, they will understand completely because of these special circumstances.

Consider a livestream.

If you do cut down your guest list, you can always set up a livestream! This will allow your guests who can not attend your wedding to see your wedding in real time! You can always set up a livestream on your own on Facebook or with a video conferencing system like Zoom. There are also vendors who offer this service as well so may want to reach out to your DJ or wedding planner to see if they offer this service or can point you to vendors who do.

Consider a wedding that complies with social distancing.

Once your guest list is cut down, you will also want to make sure you are still practicing social distancing. Some venues are making sure reception tables and ceremony chairs are spaced out 6 feet and only sitting immediate family members together. You could also do something completely out of the box, if your venue allows, and do something similar to the couple who held their wedding ceremony outside and had their guests remain in their cars. Your DJ can set up speakers so everyone can hear and you can even have your caterer deliver the reception meals to each car!

Get married on your original wedding date and have a reception later in the year.

I know a lot of my couples choose their wedding date with a special date in mind, like their anniversary, etc so having to get married on a different date may seem like it's not an option. If that's the case, you can always hold a courthouse wedding or a small wedding with just you both, your parents, and your photographer. Then, you can have a big reception at a later date for all your guests! You can even livestream your ceremony so your guests can still be a part of that! This may occur some additional costs for your photographer, officiant, and venues time.

Get married on your original wedding date and have a 1 year anniversary vow renewal.

Just like above, you can also have a small elopement on your original wedding date and then have a big 1 year vow renewal where all your guests can attend. Again, this will more than likely occur a small additional charge for your photographers, officiant, and venues time. This is a great way to get married on your original date while still getting to have the big wedding of your dreams.

Again, all of these are just a few options, you can always combine more than one options and feel free to think outside of the box! Remember to check the local laws and regulations to make sure you are in compliance, check with your vendors to make sure these options are available to you, and don't be afraid to reschedule your wedding completely if need be! Stay safe!



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