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How To Prepare Your Flower Girl and Ring Bearer: Wedding Wednesday

How To Prepare Your Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Indiana Wedding Photographer

Planning on having a flower girl and/or ring bearer at your wedding? They are adorable and can add a special element to your wedding day especially if you have special kids in your life. Being a flower girl and ring bearer is a big responsibility for these kids and some can get embarrassed, camera shy, or just freeze during the moment. Whatever they end up doing on the day of your wedding will be just fine but there are a few things you can do to help prepare them for the big day.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Before the wedding even happens, have their parents walk them through the wedding day a few times and have them practice. When they know exactly what they are supposed to do, it will help ease some of their nerves and make them fell more confident.

Pre-Wedding Activities

If you are having a wedding shower, get-together, or another activity before your wedding day that kids can attend, consider inviting your flower girl and ring bearer. They will be able to get to know your wedding party and become friends with them which will help them be less shy on the day of the wedding. If you're not having a get-together before the wedding day, including them into the getting ready portion of the wedding can also help them meet everyone and get comfortable.

Give Them Time At The Rehearsal

The wedding rehearsal is a time for everyone to get to practice what they need to do before the wedding day. Although you, your fiancé, and your wedding party may only need to run through things once, depending on the age of your flower girl and ring bearer, they may need more time. Have them arrive before the rehearsal happens and let them get a feel for the venue and aisle and have them walk down it a couple times. When the rehearsal happens, they will already be prepared and feel more confident and then by the time your wedding happens the next day, they will be pros!

Give Them Grace and Go With The Flow

The day of your wedding, whatever happens, happens. It's okay if your flower girl and ring bearer get scared, run down the aisle, run to their parents, or refuse to walk down the aisle. It's okay. Your guests will understand and your wedding will still be perfect.



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