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How To Survive Your Wedding: Wedding Wednesday

How To Survive Your Wedding Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography

Now you probably read this blog title and thought that I'm crazy! You don't need to "survive" your wedding day, it's going to be the best ever! And, yes, that is 100% true! your wedding day is going to be amazing!!!!! However, wedding days are long and can be tiring. Some couples wake up at 6am and don't get back to their house until after midnight. Your wedding day will be amazing and so much fun but it's also a long day so here are a few things that you can do to make sure you are prepared for the full day!

Rest Up

I know it's easier said than done with everything that you have to do leading up to the big day but try to get some rest the week of your wedding. Try to fit in a full 6-8 hours of sleep t