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Important Wedding Day Tips: Wedding Wednesday

Important Wedding Day Tips Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography Indianapolis Lafayette

There is a lot of wedding advice, tips, and tricks out there and they are all good! But there are a few things that seem easy and self explanatory that sometimes get lost on a wedding day. Here's a blog with six tips/advice that you will want to keep in your back pocket.

Stay Hydrated

Weddings days are long and hot! You will want to remember to stay hydrated and drink water throughout the day. This sounds simple and self-explanatory but with the fast pace of the day, it can be easy to forget.

Bring An Emergency Kit

Emergency kits are a must on wedding days for those odds and ends that may come up! Things like bandaids, hair pins, toothpaste, lighters, safety pins, needle and thread, and more can be a life saver! If you need help on what to include in your Emergency Kit, click HERE.

Practice Getting Into Your Wedding Attire

If your wedding outfit is complicated, has a corset, complicated bustle, etc, then you will want to practice getting in and out of your wedding outfit. Practicing putting on your outfit a couple of times before your wedding can help put your mind at ease.

Keep Your Photographer Updated

Photographers act sort of like a wedding coordinator on wedding days by keeping your timeline in check and on time. Be sure to keep your photographer updated on any changes to the timeline. You will also want to let them know of any special family situations such as divorces and deaths. This will help make sure everything runs smoothly on your wedding day.

Gather Your Details In Advance

Start getting your wedding details together in advance of the wedding day so they will be ready to go and you will be less stressed the morning of your wedding. You will also want to correlate your details such as shoes, jewelry, rings, garter, outfit, etc in one area so that when your photographer arrives, they can get started by photographing your details right away.

Face Each Other During The Ceremony

Your guests (and your photographer) want to see you during your ceremony! You won't want to face your officiant and have your back to your guests. Facing each other will make sure that your profiles are able to be seen and will allow your photographer to get some great reaction photos. The same thing goes for any unity ceremony that you may be doing. Be sure you are facing your guests while doing the unity ceremony.



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