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Key Things You Need For A Successful Outdoor Wedding: Wedding Wednesday

Key Things You Need For A Successful Outdoor Wedding Lafayette Photographer

Outdoor weddings can be beautiful and memorable, but they also require careful planning to ensure a successful event. Here are some key things you need for a successful outdoor wedding:

Weather Contingency Plan

Outdoor weddings are vulnerable to weather conditions like rain, wind, or extreme heat. It's important to have a weather contingency plan in case the weather doesn't cooperate. This could involve renting a tent or indoor space as a backup plan.

Proper Seating and Tables

Just like with an indoor wedding, the right seating and tables can make all the difference in the comfort and enjoyment of your guests. Make sure to rent or purchase enough chairs and tables that are appropriate for the size of your guest list.

Appropriate Lighting

Outdoor weddings often require lighting, especially if the event extends into the evening. Consider adding string lights or lanterns to create a romantic ambiance, and make sure your guests can see clearly in the dark.

Sound System

It's important to make sure your guests can hear the ceremony and the reception speeches. Consider renting a sound system to ensure that everyone can hear the proceedings.

Adequate Restrooms

Restrooms are a must have thing that can easily get overlooked on a wedding day. Outdoor weddings require portable restrooms, so it's important to make sure you have enough for your guest count. You may also want to consider renting upscale portable restrooms, which can provide a more comfortable experience for your guests.

Bug Spray, Sunscreen, Heaters

Outdoor weddings can be beautiful, but they can also attract bugs and expose guests to the sun. Provide bug spray and sunscreen to ensure your guests are comfortable and protected. If you are having an early spring wedding or fall/winter wedding, then consider renting heaters to keep your guests warm.

Proper Permits

Check with your local government to ensure you have the necessary permits for your outdoor wedding. This includes permits for parking, noise, and alcohol service.



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