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Lesser Known Wedding Day Floral Tips: Wedding Wednesday

Lesser Known Wedding Day Floral Tips Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography Indianapolis Lafayette

There are a lot of wedding floral tips out there but today for Wedding Wednesday are a few tips that you may not know! From reusing decor to keeping blooms fresh, keep reading for some little known but important wedding floral tips!

Repurpose Ceremony Florals For Your Reception

Want to stretch your floral budget or have more reception blooms? Then repurpose your ceremony florals for your reception space! Your guests will only be in the ceremony space for the ceremony and once the reception starts, there will be no need for your florals to stay at the ceremony site. Use your aisle flowers for extra decor around the reception space, your altar flowers for your head table, etc. Your florist, wedding planner, or family members can easily move and place the flowers during cocktail hour.

Order A Few Extra Blooms

Ask your florist if you can order a few extra blooms and greenery for styling details. Your photographer can use them in your detail photos to elevate the photos and to tie in a bit more of your wedding colors. You can then use those extra blooms to place in any open space that may need a little something or as backup for if a flower gets damaged or broken (like in a bouquet/boutonniere).

Have Extra Boutonniere Pins On Hand

Your boutonnieres will come with a pin or two BUT sometimes you need more than two pins for heavier boutonnieres. It's also super easy to lose a pin. Having additional pins on hand will let you secure any moving boutonniere and replace pins that are lost so everyone looks their best!

Keep A Towel With The Bouquets

Your florist will keep the bouquets in vases with water so they stay looking fresh until it's time for your portraits and ceremony. Pack a towel in your wedding bag and sit it by the bouquets so you and your bridesmaids can dry off the stems and ribbon so they won't drip water on their dresses.

Peonies Not In Season Or Out Of Budget?

Do you REALLY want peonies but they are out of season or not in your budget? Try cabbage roses! They look similar to peonies (so much so that a lot of people can't tell the difference) and are usually easier to get and less expensive. You can either swap out peonies for cabbage roses all together or supplement some peonies with cabbage flowers to help stretch your budget.

Refrigerate Florals Before Use

If you plan to DIY your florals or have some downtime between floral delivery and set up, place your florals in a refrigerator when they aren't in use. This helps their growth and will slow down the aging process.

Keep Water Handy

If you have some downtime between your portraits and your ceremony, then you will want to keep some water and vases handy for your bouquets and other florals. When the florals aren't in use, place them back in water to keep them hydrated and looking their best!

Have Post Wedding Plan For Florals

You spend a lot of money on your wedding day florals and to get the most out of them, have a plan for them after the wedding is over. If you don't have a plan for your wedding day florals, then guess what, most of the time they are just thrown in the trash during clean up! Although some of your florals may be wilted by the time your wedding ends, a lot of them will still be in good shape! Have a plan for you or your guests to take them home and get to enjoy them for a few more days after the wedding day! If you will be leaving for your honeymoon after the wedding and your guests don't take them home, have a family member round them up and take them to a local nursing home. The residence will love the flowers and appreciate the cheer!



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