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Make LED Candle Decor Look Like The Real Thing: Wedding Wednesday

Make LED Candle Decor Look Like The Real Thing Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography

If you are envisioning candles for your wedding decor but your venue will not allow an open flame or you are wary of wind blowing out all of your candles, then LED candles can be a great option for you! You can have the ambiance without having a real flame. Plus LED candles have come a long way and you get ones that look and flicker like the real thing!

Get A Quality LED Candle

Not all LED candles are the same! Cheaper dollar store LED candles won't look as realistic as a quality LED. You can still find some great inexpensive options on Amazon that flicker and provide a realistic glow. Read reviews and look at the photos to see what provide the best look for your wedding.

Choose Pillars Over Tapered Candles

As great as LED candles are now-a-days, tapered candles still don't look as realistic. There is no real way to hide the LED bulb. If this isn't a deal breaker for you, then go for it, however if you want a more realistic look, then stick with a pillar style candle.

Consider The Holder

When you are looking at candle holders or lanterns for the LED candles, you will want to look at frosted or opaque options instead of crystal clear options. This helps hide the look of the LED and makes it look more like a real flickering candle. If you have your heart set on clear holders, choose a candle where the wax sits above the LED so you can't see the LED unless you are looking at it from the top.

Design The Layout Carefully

Consider how the LED candles will fit together to provide the biggest visual impact. Guests will be able to tell they are LED if you have the candles in the open on the tables. Having them line the space or in a chandelier instillation will help disguise the LEDs a bit more.



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