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Quick Tip For Short Bridesmaid or Wedding Dresses On Windy Days: Wedding Wednesday

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If you are in Indiana then you know that we have been having some crazy winds around here lately! It seems like every fall gets a bit more windy. If you are planning on having an outdoor ceremony and wearing a short wedding dress or having your wedding party wear short dresses, then you may be worried about a gust of wind blowing up your dresses. Here's a quick tip to help combat this issue!

The Tip?.....


Dress weights are small weights that are either sewed in or stuck to your dress hem with adhesive. When you place a few of these dress weights around the hem of your dress, they will have sure that your dress stays down with every wind gust. This means you don't have to hold your dress down or tuck it between your legs, you can let it look it's best and avoid any awkward dress blowing moments!

Adhesive Dress Weights (Buy HERE!)

These are great for anyone who wants to have the weights as a temporary solution or who aren't skilled in sewing. You just stick these on the hem of your dress and you are good to go!

Sew In Dress Weights (Buy HERE!)

These are a great option if you want the weights in your dress permanently or are getting your dress altered and can pass it off to your seamstress. These get sewn into your dress hem so they will be permanent and hidden.



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