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Should You Follow Wedding Traditions: Wedding Wednesday

Should You Follow Wedding Traditions Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography Indianapolis Lafayette

As you plan your wedding day, you will run across so many different wedding traditions. Some of these you will want to do and some you may want to skip. You shouldn't feel pressured into doing all of the normal wedding traditions and should curate your wedding so it is exactly how you envision. Below are some of the more common wedding day traditions so you can decide what ones are for your wedding and what ones you would like to skip.

Not Seeing Each Other Before The Ceremony

The tradition is for the wedding couple to not see each other until they walk down the aisle. This stemmed from decades ago where arranged marriages were common. They parents of the couple would not want them to see each other before the wedding so they wouldn't back out of the marriage. Obviously, now-a-days, this tradition doesn't have to be honored and kept since most couples know each other before the wedding day.

If you want to skip one tradition on your wedding day, this is the one I recommend skipping! Seeing each other before the ceremony will free up time for you to get straight to the reception. You can do your couple portraits and wedding party portraits before the ceremony and that helps the day flow a bit more smoothly.

Reception Dances

There are a few different reception dances that are pretty common on wedding days- the first dance for the wedding couple, father/daughter dance, mother/son dance, and even anniversary dances. These dances can be so sweet and special and it's a great moment for your photographer to capture. However, if the thought of dancing in front of people makes you nervous, feel free to skip these. If a parent is no longer with you, feel free to dance with someone else who is special in your life.

Saturday Weddings

When you think of a wedding, you usually think of it being on a Saturday. Although Saturdays are a good day since most people won't be working and they will have Sunday to recover from drinking and dancing, you don't have to get married on a Saturday. Saturdays are always the first to book so if you have a dream venue or vendor that you want to use, having a Friday, Sunday, or weekday wedding can help make sure you get your dream vendors.

Wearing White/Classic Suit Colors

When you think of weddings, white gowns and black/navy/gray suits are what pop in your mind. Maybe you want to wear a white gown or black suit BUT don't feel like you have to! Blush gowns, black dresses, colored suits, etc are all gorgeous as well. You get to express yourself in your wedding attire so make sure it's what you want and envision.


When you think of bouquets and boutonnieres, you think of fresh flowers. Now, don't get me wrong, floral bouquets and centerpieces are gorgeous and perfect but they aren't your only option! There are so many different alternatives to fresh florals and you can really personalize these to your taste and style. I've had couples use rhinestone brooches, lego mini figures, lightsabers, and more!

Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes are a wedding standard but they don't have to be at every wedding. Your guests will want something sweet to eat at the reception but it doesn't have to be cake. If a 3-5 tier wedding cake is what you want and love, then do it! But if you and your fiancé aren't the biggest fan of cake, feel free to do something else. I've had couples have doughnuts, pies, cookies, and ice cream. You can still "cut" any sort of sweet so don't let that hold you back!

Dinner Service

If your reception will take place around dinner time, then you will want to have some sort dinner for your guests to eat but you can really personalize it to what you love. You don't have to have chicken and steak, you can have sushi, a taco bar, food trucks, and more! If you are having a brunch wedding, you can serve brunch or finger foods. If your reception will go all night, you can have a late night snack. You won't want to not have any food but this is an area that you can customize to what you love. From a 3-5 course dinner service, to a buffet, to a grab and go station.

Evening Weddings

Weddings usually happen in the late afternoon/evening but they don't have to happen at that time. Morning weddings can be great and will allow you and your new spouse to enjoy the evening together (or let you have a long reception with lots of drinks and dancing).

Bouquet/Garter Tosses

These tosses can be a fun moment for photos and for all your single guests but they also make some couples feel uncomfortable. Don't be afraid to skip these or customize them to appeal to your friends and family.

The best weddings are the ones that truly represent the couple. If you have been dreaming of a traditional wedding, then have one! If traditional weddings aren't your thing, then don't be afraid to think outside of the box and make your wedding truly your own!



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