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Should You Still Ask Your Future Spouses Parents For Permission: Wedding Wednesday

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There are a lot of wedding traditions and customs that are starting to be less common while wedding couples are planning the wedding of their dreams and I love that! You don't have to have a wedding that sticks to all of the traditions or have a wedding that really isn't you. When your wedding is exactly what you envision and want, it will be the best day ever! If you want to have a traditional wedding, do it! But if you want to break tradition and do something else, that's perfectly fine too!

One tradition that used to be common that is becoming a little less common is asking the parents of your future spouse for permission to marry. Some couples view this tradition as a sign of respect and wanting to include the parents into the wedding planning process while others feel like it's a dated process that makes it seem like someone else has authority over a person. So should you still ask?

Let's start by talking about where this tradition came from. This tradition seems to date back to ancient Rome. It was the father's decision whether his daughter should marry someone and the daughter didn't always have any say in the matter. A groom would give the bride's father a special coin and if the father accepted the coin, then the wedding would happen. Now-a-days, most couples have the freedom to marry whoever they want and it's not up to the parents to approve of the marriage.

Do you need to ask the parent's permission before you propose? The short answer is no. The only person that you need permission from is your future spouse so if this tradition feels a bit off or isn't your cup of tea, that's okay! If you do decide that you want to ask for permission, that's perfectly fine too! It doesn't have to be like the old days where it's their final say and can be more a sign of respect, a romantic notion, and promising that you will love and protect their child for the rest of your life. Just do what feels natural and right for you and your fiancé!



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