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Sola Wood Flowers Bouquet Review: Wedding Wednesday

I'm so excited for this blog post today and to share Sola Wood Flowers with you! Although I LOVE real flower bouquets at weddings because they are so gorgeous, I know some couples want to keep costs down and may want to have a bouquet that they can save and display in their home forever. Sola Wood Flowers is the best of both worlds! Their flowers are made out of wood (yes really) and you put them together yourself. This not only means that you save money BUT that you can keep your bouquet for years to come! Their wood flowers really look like real flowers and you can dye them to match your wedding colors!

Sooooo, let's dive in to the review and the photos! Full disclosure first, Sola Wood Flowers reached out to me about trying their product so I received the product for free. If you purchase a product from the links in the blog, then I may get a small percentage of your sale. However, the review is honest and I really put this bouquet together and the photos are mine!

I picked out the Aberdeen Bouquet Kit. This kit has everything you need to make a bouquet- 40 sola wood flowers, glue stick, floral tape, jute twine, wire stems, silver dollar eucalyptus, star filler, baby's breath filler, and 3 1oz wood flower dye. This kit is $124.99 but is currently on sale for $50! The only think you need is a hot glue gun and wire cutters.

The bouquet comes unassembled so you get to put it together yourself. My box didn't come with any instructions but if you go to their website or YouTube page, they have TONS of videos that you walk you through everything you need to know!

First, let's talk about the wood flowers. I wasn't really sure what to expect and was expecting ridged wood pieces on the flowers but that's not the case. The flowers are made of wood but it's really similar to a foam material when you feel it so you can fluff your flowers and shape them if they become smashed. I didn't have to shape any of the flowers I received. These things do look like real flowers! They come in their natural state which is an ivory/off white color. They are gorgeous in their natural state but Sola Wood Flowers has over 60 dye colors so you can find the perfect colors for your bouquet! It's super easy to dye the flowers, you just mix the dye with water and dip the flowers in!

You can see everything that was in the kit minus the flower stems, glue, tape, and twine.

From left to right- eucalyptus and baby's breath, star filler, and bouquet grass (You use this to cover the stems so it looks like a real stem!).

I ordered Morning Frost, Powder Pink, and White Wedding for my dye kit. However, I loved the look of the flowers in their natural state so I decided not to dye any of my flowers.

I didn't take any photos of the process of putting it together because you really need to hold the bouquet as you do it but I'll explain my steps below.

  1. If you plan to dye your flowers you will want to do this first! Figure out what flowers you want to dye and allow them to dry for 24 hours before you start making your bouquet.

  2. You need to stem the flowers. This is super easy! You take the flower stem, put a drop of hot glue on it and then push it into the base of the flower. I ended up having 5 less stems than flowers in my kit. I'm not sure if I was shorted stems or if they gave me a few extra flowers in case I messed something up. But overall, the bouquet was nice and full regardless.

  3. You need to separate your filler pieces. The fillers will come in one bunch. Before you start, separate out the filler so you have small pieces you can add to your bouquet as you make it.

  4. Now it's time for you to assemble your bouquet! Take three of the bigger flowers and put them together. Add a couple filler pieces around them and then repeat the process throughout the bouquet. Once you have all of your pieces in place, shape the florals and filler so your bouquet has the shape you want it to have.

  5. Hold the stems tightly and wrap the floral tape around the stems to keep your bouquet in place.

  6. Once your bouquet is secure, take the bouquet grass and place it around the stems and into the head of the bouquet. The goal here is to have it look like the grass is coming out of the bouquet and look like the stems. The wire stems will be wrapped inside the bouquet grass so you won't see them.

  7. Once the grass is around the whole bouquet, take another piece of floral tape and wrap it around the grass to hold them into place.

  8. Now you get to cut the excess stems. Use your wire cutter to cut the wire stems so your bouquet has a clean end.

  9. Lastly, wrap the twine (or anything else you'd like, such as ribbon) around the floral tape that you placed around the bouquet grass.

  10. Admire your gorgeous bouquet because it is done!

Seriously! Look how good that looks!!!!! It really does look like real flowers and it's a great way to keep your bouquet in your home forever after your wedding! Be sure to check out everything Sola Wood Flowers offers! They have bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, decor kits, and more!



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