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The Different Types of Planners: Wedding Wednesday

Different Types of Wedding Planners Indiana Wedding Photographer

Wedding planning can be time consuming and sometimes you may just want some help by hiring a wedding planner. Maybe you need someone to help plan the whole wedding or maybe you just want someone to help you for the day of your wedding. There are several different types of planners for weddings so lets chat about each different type.

Full Service Wedding Planner

A full service wedding planner is probably what first pops into your mind when you think of a wedding planner. This type of planner will be with you from start to finish and help plan and execute all aspects of your wedding. If you are pretty busy and don't have a lot of time to dedicate to wedding planning, then a full service planner would be great for you! They will be involved in every aspect of your wedding planning from helping you choose vendors to finding your perfect linen color. Anything that you need to plan wedding wise, this type of planner will take care of it!

Month Of Wedding Planner

A month of wedding planner is a planner who you can hire for the tail end of your wedding. This planner can be helpful because they can take care of the last minute details and all the hecticness that can happen as it gets closer to your wedding. This type of planner can help elevate some stress so you can focus on having fun and your fiancé before the big day hits. Month of planners take care of sending final payments, finalizing last minute details, and arranging all deliveries with your vendors. This type of planner is great if you want/have time to plan most of the wedding but you just want some extra help.

Day Of Wedding Coordinator

Even though they are called a day of coordinator, you will actually start working with them a couple of weeks prior to the wedding day. Unlike the full service or month of planner, a day of coordinator will not be doing any sort of wedding planning. A day of coordinator will be there the day of the wedding to take over the logistic of your wedding day. They make sure all vendors are on time and that items and placed where you want them to be placed. They also make sure that your wedding is running smoothly and stays on time. If any issues arise on the day of your wedding, they will also jump in to deal with the issues so everything is perfect for your big day. This type of planner is great for the couple who wants/has time to do all the planning theirselves but also wants to have some piece of mind on the wedding day.

Destination Wedding Planner

Destination wedding planners are for couples who are having a destination wedding. These planners will be located in the same place where your wedding will take place and can make sure everything is in place for you. When you're planning a wedding from another state or country, you can't always meet with every vendor, attend tastings, and aren't usually familiar with the area. A destination wedding planner will take over and help you with everything from scouting vendors to making sure you are aware of any region specific info that you may need. This type of planner is great for any couple who is having a destination wedding.

Venue Coordinator

What's the difference between a wedding planner and a coordinator that comes with your venue? A venue coordinator is someone who is a part of your wedding venue. They are there to make sure everything runs smoothly on the venue's side. They are kind of like a day of wedding coordinator but they do not deal with all the logistics of your vendors and things like that. They will keep your wedding on time and will coordinate with the caterer and bar services but otherwise you will still need to do the coordination between your other vendors.



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