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The Must-Haves for Wedding Photography: For Photographers

The Must Haves For Wedding Photography

Despite the pandemic, weddings are still pushing forward. With couples around the world holding ceremonies virtually, it's proof that there's still a market for photographers to work with - albeit a little more restricted.

However, being in charge of capturing all the crucial moments in a wedding is an important role - and to do the job right, you'll need to right gear. Unfortunately, most newbie photographers make the mistake of bringing too many pieces of equipment, causing them to lug around a heavy backpack at what is typically an all-day event. Not only is this painful for your back, but you'll find that you only need a few key pieces in your kit to make it through the day.

So, we've listed some of the essentials for wedding photographers to keep handy throughout the day and left out any non-essentials.

Your camera and a backup camera

You can't just have any old camera while on the job. It needs to be a good quality, professional-level camera that's suitable for a diverse range of environments. As there are plenty of high quality cameras and photography equipment available on the market, finding one should be a relatively easy task. Consider the Nikon D760 which is perfect for low-light situations, be it indoor or outdoor Alternatively, the Canon EOS 1DX is another great option, as it's a high-scoring full-frame DSLR based on overall image quality and low light performance.

Additionally, a backup camera is there on the off chance that something goes wrong with your main - so make sure it can take equally-as-good photos so that the quality is never compromised.

Various lenses

Lenses are essential to capture various perspectives at the wedding. A great place to start is by getting a 35mm lens as they are the focal length that most replicates what a human eye sees. As our founder Jasmine shoots primarily with prime lenses, this lens lets her shoot wide open at around 1.4-2, allowing her to have gorgeous backgrounds and light and airy images that matches her photography style.

Aside from this, get yourself some macro and telephoto lenses as well to capture great detail from long distances. For macro lenses, consider the Nikon AF-S 105mm ED-IF VR Micro, as it offers a life-sized 1:1 magnification and stabilization. For telephoto lenses, consider the Nikon 70-200mm 2.8, as it offers sharp photos with a solid bokeh.

Speedlite Flashes

Although you can get a camera that's great in low-light situations, some shots are impossible without a flash. Speedlite flashes can differentiations based on the camera brand that you're shooting with. However, a good starting point is the mid-level flash.

When it comes to the flash, shooting in manual will lead to more consistent results, and allows you to keep the flash under a set power threshold.

Extra memory cards and batteries

This is a no-brainer. Bring two or three sets of batteries per camera, and make sure to bring several extra sets of memory cards. You'll be surprised at just how much memory you'll go through in a day! Don't forget to make sure your batteries are charges in advance - you won't want to head to the wedding with empty batteries.

In a nutshell

Having the right gear is essential for a happy client. But you'll also want to make sure you get to improve the overall client experience as well. Provide clear communication, ensure a fast response time, and over deliver on your promises - and you're bound to have a great photographer-client relationship that's sure to get you referrals down the line.

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