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Things To Do After The Wedding: Wedding Wednesday

Things To Do After The Wedding Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography

Your wedding day may be over, but there are still a few important things that you'll need to take care of in the days and weeks that follow. Here are some of the key things to do after your wedding:

Send Thank-You Notes

Be sure to thank your guests for their attendance and any gifts they may have given you. It's best to send your thank-you notes within three months of your wedding date.

Return Rentals

If you rented any items such as tuxedos, chairs, or linens, make sure to return them promptly to avoid additional charges.

Preserve Your Wedding Attire

If you plan to preserve your wedding attire as a keepsake, be sure to have it professionally cleaned and stored in a preservation box.

Change Your Name

If you plan to change your last name, start the process by obtaining a new social security card, driver's license, and passport.

Review Your Vendor Contracts and Write Reviews

Make sure to review your vendor contracts to ensure that all payments have been made and that there are no outstanding balances. If you loved working with a vendor, leave them a review to let them and other couples know!

Plan/Pack For Your Honeymoon

If you haven't already taken your honeymoon, plan and book your trip as soon as possible to take advantage of any post-wedding discounts. If you already booked a honeymoon, make sure you have things packed and ready to go!

Create A Wedding Album

Work with your photographer to select the best photos from your wedding day and create a beautiful wedding album to preserve your memories.

Reflect On Your Wedding Day

Take some time to reflect on your wedding day and the memories you've created. Write down your favorite moments and consider creating a keepsake box with mementos from your special day.

By taking care of these tasks after your wedding, you can ensure a smooth transition into your new life together as a married couple.



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