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Timeless Elements To Add To Your Wedding: Wedding Wednesday

Timeless Elements To Add To Your Wedding Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography

Wedding trends come and go and there are so many ways to personalize your wedding so it is exactly what you and your fiancé want and that matches the both of you perfectly! While its fun to tie in some trends and unique things into your wedding, you may also want to balance it out with including some timeless elements into your wedding as well. Below are a few different ideas for you! You can either go all out with the timeless details or just incorporate in a few different ideas.

White Wedding Cakes

White wedding cakes will always be timeless and classic! When you picture a wedding cake, you more than likely picture a muti-tier white cake. You can add in fresh or fondant flowers and a topper for some personalization but a white wedding cake will always be in style!

Your Attire

Clothing styles change all the time and that holds true to wedding attire as well! Each year a new wedding dress or attire option will become the big thing that everyone does. If you love the styles of the season, then it's a great thing to tie into your attire. However, if you want your wedding photos to look classic and timeless as the styles change, then a more timeline design may be best for you. Think a classic suit or tux and a sleek wedding gown, these styles seem to last the test of time.


When you think back on different periods of time, you can probably think of a hairstyle associated with that era. When it comes to your wedding hairstyle, you may not want your hair to date you. Classic styles like flowing waves, a chic bun, quiff, and side part can help make your wedding photos look a bit more timeless.

Neutral Colors

When it comes to your wedding color palette, nothing is more timeless than neutral colors! Neutral colors always last the test of time, just look back at photos from the past. Although including the Pantone Color of the Year into your wedding can be fun, it may look dated as the years go by. Sticking with neutrals will keep things timeless.

Classic Venues

Most people never tire of classic architecture and venues. When you go on vacation to an interesting place, more than likely, one of your sightseeing adventures will be of a classic landmark location and that location will have interesting architecture details. Choosing a wedding venue with those classic details will help your wedding look timeless in photos for years to come.

Include In Nature

Just like classic architecture, nature is also classic! There will, more than likely, always be nature so taking some of your portraits outdoors is a great idea. This will keep your portraits looking timeless and classic.

With all of this said, do what you love and that makes the most sense for you! You don't have to have a timeless wedding but if you want to tie in some timeless elements, then hopefully this blog helped some!



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