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Tips For A Flawless Complexion On Your Wedding Day: Wedding Wednesday

Flawless Complexion On Your Wedding Day Indiana Wedding and Destination Photographer Photography Lafayette Indianapolis

No one wants to wake up on the day of their wedding with a huge zit on their face, dry skin, or any other skin problem. Here is a timeline with a few tips that will help you get your skin to tip top shape to help eliminate any problems that may pop up.

4 Weeks Before Your Wedding

What we eat affects our skin almost more than anything else. Try to limit your sugar intake and fatty foods. This is help heal your skin from the inside out. A diet high in alkalinizing goods will also help balance your body's PH levels which will help as well and give you an amazing glow.

Also be sure to make sure you are getting enough water throughout the day.

Be sure to use sunscreen whenever you are outside to limit your risk of a sunburn which can age and wrinkle your skin.

3 Weeks Before Your Wedding

Be sure to get enough sleep each night. I know it's hard with all that you have to do and plan but a full night's rest will help your skin replenish and restore.

This is also the time when you should get any facials that you may be wanting. This will give your skin ample time to recover and get rid of any redness.

If you are considering Botox, which I say you don't need, this is also the week to get this done so your skin will have ample time to recover.

2 Weeks Before Your Wedding

Continue to make sure that you are drinking enough water. Staying hydrated will help your skin stay clear. If you want to get some alkalinizing benefits with your water, add a squeeze of lemon.

1 Week Before Your Wedding

Keep drinking water, eating healthy, and get enough sleep this week. If you are worried about a zit popping up, you can get an IL TAC injection from your dermatologist to zap that zit quickly. There are also over the counter zit patches that you can use that have rave reviews for getting rid of current zits and zits that you feel coming in under the skin.

Day Of Your Wedding

Don't stress. If you wake up the day of your wedding with a zit or dry skin, try not to stress about it. Your makeup artist will be able to help you conceal them and they won't show up in your wedding photos as much as you think they will.



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