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Tips For Planning Your Wedding Rehearsal: Wedding Wednesday

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Your wedding is going to be one of the happiest days of your life because it's marks the moment in time when you are your spouse say you I Do's! However, the day before your wedding can be just as fun as your actual wedding day! Here are some tips to make sure you have an unforgettable rehearsal celebration.

What's Your Rehearsal Style?

Before you can dive in and start planning your wedding rehearsal, you need to figure out what your style for the event will be. Some couple's just want to rehearse the wedding and call it a day and other couples want to make a full day out of it with events for all their guests. There are two main types of rehearsals: a welcome party and a rehearsal dinner. A welcome party usually includes all the guests who are invited for the wedding and a rehearsal dinner is usually just for the wedding party members and close family. Rehearsal dinners usually start with the wedding rehearsal and then end with a dinner. Wedding parties will have a wedding rehearsal in them but are more of an event with dinner, games, activities, and even brunch. It's up to you as to which style you prefer the best and you can always mix the two to make an event that's perfect for you!

The Wedding Rehearsal

Regardless of what your rehearsal style is, the day before your wedding will include in a wedding rehearsal. This will be a run through of your wedding ceremony. Your wedding party members, officiant, and anyone else who is part of your ceremony will be present. This run through allows you to figure out all the details and it helps you be a little more prepared on your wedding day. Depending on your venue, the timing of your rehearsal may be different so you will want to check with them before you plan your rehearsal event.


Once you know your rehearsal style and the time of your rehearsal, you will want to start thinking about your venue. Will you be holding everything at your ceremony venue or will you have the rehearsal at the ceremony venue and then hold everything else somewhere else? Will there just be 1 or 2 locations or will guests need to be transported to several different locations? Just like your wedding venue, you will need to search and plan for your rehearsal venue.

Personalize Your Rehearsal

Infuse your personalities and love into your wedding rehearsal just like you are doing for your wedding! Is there an activity that you both love doing (mini golf, boating, bowling, etc) or is there a particular restaurant you both love? You can incorporate that into your rehearsal! You can even plan an event around your honeymoon location (going to Paris, have macaroons; going to Hawaii, have a luau theme, etc).

Plan Activities

You will want to keep your guests entertained during the rehearsal event. Have some games or events planned. Try to keep people talking and interacting with each other and consider the seating for friends and family who may not know each other.


Rehearsal events are less formal so you can forgo the formal toasts. However, saying a few words to your guests is always great. Try to steer away from having an open toast option where everyone says a few words since that can turn into an hour, appoint 1-2 people to say a few words and then get the party started.

Start and End Times

Make sure you are clear and the start and end times and try to stay on schedule. This will make sure all the guests are informed and will stop those friends and family members who will stay at the bar all night long. Also, remember that your wedding is the next day so be sure the end the event early enough that everyone can get some rest, including you!

Invitations You need invitations for your wedding rehearsal. This will let people know who is and who isn't invited and can help them plan on the time frame. Depending on your rehearsal style, you can either send a formal invite or keep things simple with an e-invite or email.



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