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Tips For Whitening Your Teeth Before The Wedding: Wedding Wednesday

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If you are planning on whitening your teeth before the wedding then you will want to read this Wedding Wednesday blog post! Here are some tips for whitening your smile.

At Home Whitening Treatments

There are a lot of DIY whitening treatments out there. Each of them work differently on different people. The top tip for at home treatments is to read the ingredients and the reviews from dentists. Some of those charcoal and whitening systems that are sold on social media have been found to do some serious damage to your teeth. Reading the reviews from dentists and the ingredients will help you find one that's safe to use. There can be some sensitivity associated with whitening strips and toothpaste. If you are prone to sensitive teeth looks for whitening treatments that are made for sensitive teeth. One of the top rated whitening strips is the Crest Whitestrip system