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Tips For Your Reception Grand Entrance: Wedding Wednesday

Tips For Your Reception Grand Entrance Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography

Today's Wedding Wednesday blog is going to be all about your reception grand entrance! Once your ceremony is completed and cocktail hour is over, your DJ will announce you and your wedding party for your reception grand entrance. A lot of couples and wedding party members aren't sure what to do for the entrance so hopefully this blog will help you get some ideas and set you up for success!

Come Up With Plan

The first thing you need to think about when it comes to your reception grand entrance is what exactly you would like to do. Do you just want to keep it simple and walk in and cheer? Do you want to do something more elaborate like a choreographed dance? Will you be including in any fun props? Once you have your plan and vision you can make sure your whole wedding party is prepared and go from there.

Choose A Song That Matches Your Vision

Once you know what you and your wedding party would like to do for your entrance, then you will want to choose a song that matches your vision. This should be a song that you and your fiancé love, matches your wedding vision, and is fun for you to walk in to. Entrance songs are usually pretty upbeat but you can tie in a theme song from a movie you love, a Disney song, and so much more to match your vision and what you love!

Consider Your Reception Space

Your reception space may dictate what you can and can't do for your reception grand entrance. If you have a lot of space to walk through tables, etc, then you can go all out with your entrance, if you'd like. If your reception space is a bit tight and cramped, then you may need to simplify your entrance. Remember, when it comes time for the wedding couple to enter, your guests will all stand up so you will want to keep this in mind as well.


You will practice your wedding ceremony but a lot of couples don't think about practicing the reception entrance! While you may not be able to practice in your reception space, having a little run through after your ceremony rehearsal can help a lot. This will put you and your wedding party's minds at ease and will let them know exactly what they will be doing so things go smoothly the day of your wedding.

Loop In Your DJ, Photographer, and Videographer

You will not only want to loop in your DJ about your reception entrance but also your photographer and videographer. Your DJ will need to know what song/songs you will be walking in to and how to pronounce everyones name. Your photographer and videographer will need to know what all you are doing for your entrance and what path you will be using to walk in so they can capture it perfectly. If you aren't sure what path will be the best, ask your photographer! They will be able to steer you in a good direction.

Pro Tip: Make sure you do your fun thing after you walk through the doors and before you get into the crowd of tables. This will make sure everything looks great for your photos and video!

Reception Entrance Ideas:

Enter in with a smile on your face!

Lafayette Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography
Lafayette Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography

Do a fun cheers!

Lafayette Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography

Have your DJ set up some cold spark sparklers!

Enter with a fun dance!

Indianapolis Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography

Have your guests pop confetti!

Indianapolis Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography

Wear a fun costume or prop!

Play a fun game!

Carmel Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography

Enter in on fun transportation!

Indianapolis Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography

Run through a paper banner with your names!

Have your wedding party make a glow stick or light saber arch and run through!

West Lafayette Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography

Include in your favorite sport by wearing a jersey or throwing a ball!

Roll out the red carpet!

And so much more!



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