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Wedding Venue Checklist- Wedding Wednesday

Wedding Venue Checklist Indiana Destination Wedding Photographer Photography Lafayette Indianapolis

Now that you are engaged and have decided on a wedding date/month/season, it's time to select your wedding venue. Here are six things to consider when choosing your perfect wedding venue.


If you are planning on inviting a ton of guests to your wedding then a small venue is not going to cut it. Consider how many people you are planning to invite when you start looking at the capacity of the different venues.

Venue Style

If you are dreaming of a rustic barn wedding then a chic ballroom probably is not going to be the venue for you. While researching wedding venues make sure that they match the vision that you have for your wedding. Also, keep in mind that you can drape and decorate venues to look so many different ways but you will still want the venue to match your vision.

Wedding Venue Budget

You need to set a realistic budget for your wedding. Staying in budget is great but keep some wiggle room so you can get the venue and vendors that you love. If a venue is way outside of your budget and you are not able to add some wiggle room then you may want to keep looking. Getting advice from other vendors and brides can help you there.


Are you just looking to book a venue or are you wanting a one stop shop? If you would rather get your catering, tables, linens, etc from your venue then you will want to make sure they offer that service. This can also come into play with the cost, one venue's rental may just be for the venue and another venue may include the venue, table, and linens.

Reviews and Upkeep

Reviews are very important with all of your wedding vendors. Ask other brides and read plenty of review online before you make your final decision. Some venues may be gorgeous but may have policies in place that don't mesh with your vision. You will also want to look at the upkeep of the venue. Does it look like they keep everything in tip top condition?


If you are holding your wedding at a public park or outdoor location you will want to check on permits. Some locations will require permits for food, restrooms, and even your photographer. This doesn't need to deter you from booking your wedding but you will want to be informed so you won't run into any surprises on down the line.



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