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Wedding Vows: Wedding Wednesday

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Are you trying to come up with the perfect vows for your wedding? Then this blog post is for you. It will have some tips to help you write your wedding vows. However, don't feel pressured to write your own vows! If the thought of writing your vows and saying them out loud in front of everyone frightens you, then just let your officiant take the lead!

Vow Style

The first thing to consider when it comes to writing your wedding vows is your wedding vow style. Are you going to write your vows and your fiancé will write theirs or will you be writing vows for each other? Are you going to do a poem style vow where you each say a line of the vows making promises to each other? Will your vows be a secret from each other or will you help each other write them? Once you figure out what type of vow style you will have then you can start writing your vows to accommodate that.

Vow Basics

Each vow normally has three different parts/features and the heart of every vow is a pact. The three different parts are: a declaration of love, promise for your wedding, and some personal touches. The declaration of love is where you talk about your love for your fiancé. This can be personal (I love how you...) or just straightforward (I love you so much). The promise for your wedding is where you talk about what you promise them with your marriage. It can be straightforward (I promise to always be faithful) or something a little more funny (I promise to not hog the remote). The personal touches are just that. Talk about personal things that you both love and enjoy and any personal aspects of your relationship. Remember your vows don't need to be stuffy and formal, you can make them quirky and unique just like you.

What To Say

The vow basics above gave you some ideas but a good starting place is to just think about everything that you love about your fiancé. Why do you love them and what makes you want to marry them. You can then turn those things into the three different parts of a vow and go from there.

Need Help

If you need help or if you aren't sure if you're on the right track, reach out to friends and family who are married. They can help provide some great advice. Your officiant can also help so don't be afraid to reach out to them.

Wedding Day

When it comes time to read your vows it can be nerve-wracking. Take your time and don't be afraid to read the vows from a piece of paper. You can cry, laugh, or smile. It's all fine. Before the wedding day, practice saying your vows a couple of times, that will help take some of the nervousness away!



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