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Where To Get Ready The Day Of Your Wedding: Wedding Wednesday

Where To Get Ready The Day of Your Wedding Indiana Wedding Photographer

Are you struggling with where you should get ready on the day of your wedding? You'll want a place that has room for you and your wedding party, looks great for photos, and is close to your venue. You will also want to feel comfortable and relaxed so you won't want to get ready in a place that may give you stress. Below are a few different options to consider.

Your Venue

Some venues have getting ready rooms for the wedding couple. This is a great option so you won't have to worry about traveling from one location to the next. Depending on your venue, these areas may be large and decorated or small and bare. You will just want to make sure there is enough space for you and your wedding party. Another great thing about using your venue to get ready is that you won't incur any addi