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Who Needs A Plus One On Your Wedding Guest List: Wedding Wednesday

Who Needs A Plus One On Your Wedding Guest List Jasmine Norris Photography

Wedding guest lists can be overwhelming! Your venue only holds so many people, you have a budget to stick to, you want all your close friends and family to be there, and your parents may also have some requests when it comes to the guest list. One part of the guest list that can be a bit confusing is who you really need to give a plus one too. If you have room in budget and venue for all of your guests to bring a plus one, then that's awesome, but if you need to pair down the list, then here are some traditional rules.

Your Wedding Party

Your wedding party will be with you all day long as well as for the wedding rehearsal the day prior. They have also probably helped you a ton with your wedding planning. Giving each of your wedding party members a +1 is a nice gesture. They don't have to bring along a +1 but they will have the option too. After all the major wedding events are over, it will be nice for them to break it down on the dance floor with their loved one.

Married Folks

If your guest is married, then it's usually expected that they will be able to bring their spouse. Even if you have never met your guests other half, you would still invite them both.

Engaged and Long Term Relationship Guests

If your guest is engaged or has been in a long term serious relationship, then you should give them a +1. This kind of goes along the same line as the married guests.

Guests Who May Not Know Anyone Else

If you have a best friend from childhood who lives in another state and doesn't know your current friends or family, then it's a nice gesture to give them a +1. This will ensure that they will have someone to talk to and will make them feel more comfortable.

Who Doesn't Need A +1?

Co-workers and single guests who know each other. If you have a group of people who will be attending who know each other, like co-workers or college friends, then it is totally fine to just invite them. You can seat them together during the reception so they will have people they know to talk to and dance the night away on the dance floor with.



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